BREAKING: President Trump Announces Ban on Transgendered Americans in the Military

President Trump just proved once again that he’s serious about getting our military back to tip-top shape after eight years of Barack Obama’s neglect and disastrous liberal agenda.

This morning, Trump announced that transgendered individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in our armed forces.

I applaud President Trump’s decision on this crucial issue. Our armed forces are not a social experiment. Our fighting forces don’t exist to be used as props by social justice warriors looking to destroy traditional values.

I’m sure Chelsea Manning, the transgendered traitor who stole a ton of classified military information and gave it to Wikileaks, will be fuming over this latest directive. If Manning wants to repay the U.S. government for paying for his sex reassignment surgery in protest, I definitely welcome it!

Liberals, as always, are complaining about the decision:

None of these detractors has actually served in the military or understands the kind of environment fighting in war requires. They would rather cry and moan about what happens in combat instead of actually engage in it.

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