Trump Tells Hannity: ‘We Didn’t Win’ The 2020 Election

The mainstream media is abuzz after former President Trump appeared to admit to Fox News host Sean Hannity that he didn't win the 2020 election.

The mainstream media is abuzz after former President Trump appeared to admit to Fox News host Sean Hannity that he didn’t win the 2020 election.

Trump’s comments seem to be a contradiction of his long-standing argument that the election was rigged and he’d ultimately be proven to have won the contest, a contention universally derided by the media as false.

“We were supposed to win easily, 64 million votes,” presumably referencing the target number he felt would seal the victory.

The former President received 74 million votes but fell short of Biden in the popular tally after the current President garnered 81 million votes.

Trump did add a caveat to his comment, however.

“We got 75 million votes, and we didn’t win, but let’s see what happens on that,” he said.

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Trump: ‘We Didn’t Win’ But ‘Let’s See What Happens’

The Daily Mail reports that Trump’s concession that “we didn’t win” would seem to “end seven months of his disputing the November 6 election.”

The “let’s see what happens on that” comment, however, could be a reference to an audit being conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Arizona state senate has been conducting what they call an audit which critics have defined as ‘partisan‘ or ‘fraudulent,’ warning that it should not be considered a legitimate effort.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has suggested the Justice Department will “ensure” the audit would “abide by federal statutory requirements to protect election records and avoid the intimidation of voters.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich fired off a response warning Garland that the state “will not tolerate” any effort to interfere in the audit.

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‘Unfair Election’

Suggesting a ‘let’s see’ approach also might possibly have been a reference to a potential presidential run in 2024, something Hannity had asked about during the interview.

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Trump said he will “be making a decision on 2024, but if you look at the numbers, people are liking me more than ever before.”

Watch Hannity’s entire interview with Donald Trump below:

Trump also railed against President Biden in the interview for his alleged weakness when it came to meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Biden was in Geneva on Wednesday meeting with Putin for the first time since winning the 2020 election.

“We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing. We gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. I stopped the pipeline, NordStream II, and the pipeline was stopped, and it was given back [to Germany and Russia] and nothing was gotten for it,” Trump said.

“I think it was a good day for Russia. I don’t think we got anything out of it.”

The former President was referencing the Nord Stream II project on which Biden waived sanctions even as he killed the Keystone pipeline, something the BBC describes as “a major geopolitical prize for the Kremlin.”

Hannity would later ask about Biden’s capacity to do the job as President.

Trump’s response would also reference what he deems an “unfair” election.

“Look, I hope [Biden] has no problems. I want him to do well. I want him to go out and do well,” Trump said. “I think the election was unbelievably unfair, but I want this guy to go out and do well for our country.”

Trump’s statement that “we didn’t win” comes hours after Hillary Clinton, who frequently cast doubt on the results of the 2016 election, says denying the results of the 2020 presidential contest is “doing Putin’s work.”

“Sadly, what we’ve seen over the last four years and particularly since the election is that we have people in our own country who are doing Putin’s work,” she claimed.


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