After Judge Rules Bar Can Kick Out Trump Supporters, Job Application Denying Liberals Appears

Trump supporter kicked out of bar

Last week, a Democrat judge in Manhattan ruled that businesses have a right to refuse service to supporters of President Trump because the law does not protect people from ‘political discrimination.’

A patron at a bar known as The Happiest Hour claims he was refused service for wearing his ‘MAGA’ hat.

Stating that the law only prohibits certain types of discrimination, religious for example, the judge ruled there wasn’t “any faith-based principle to which the hat relates” and promptly tossed the case.

In covering the story, we asked readers to “imagine if a liberal, a pro-gay marriage activist, or an abortion supporter were refused service from any business simply because they had their ‘I’m With Her’ t-shirt on.”

One social media user took their imagination a step further, creating a job application notice that could conceivably pop up now that it’s okay to discriminate against people for their political leaning.

And it’s hilarious.

While the notice states that liberals will not be hired, it adds specific reasons that would make our friends on the left bad employees.

A lack of reading comprehension skills, a penchant for making decisions based on emotions, and a lack of reasoning ability are all mentioned.

Individuals lacking these skills, liberals, would “be detrimental to our business” the sign reads.

Some people reading the sign seemed unable to distinguish it as parody, while others laughed along with the joke.

It would cause an uproar. But the sad part is it only causes an uproar if it were done to liberals. Discriminate against conservatives, as in the case of the bar patron, and nobody bats an eye.

Need proof that it’s okay to discriminate on job postings if you’re a Democrat? Real job postings, not the parody above?

In 2017, the DNC emailed a job announcement for positions in their Technology Department and requested that recipients “not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.”

And in 2016, a job posting from Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison, stated they were actively seeking “anyone who isn’t a straight, white able-bodied male to send in an application.”

Those examples were not parodied, they were real.

Discrimination is alive and well in the business world, and liberals are the biggest offenders.

Would liberals freak out if conservatives actively refused to hire liberals? Share your thoughts with us below! 

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