Antifa Rioter Who Attacked Trump Supporter Identified as Teacher

Last weekend, a Trump supporter was brutally attacked by a member of Antifa, the violent extreme left-wing group, during a Tax Day protest. The young man was hit over the head with a lock which resulted in a blood-gushing wound.

Social media went looking for this man so he could be brought to justice, and many are shocked to find out that the man could be a Berkeley University professor. How crazy is that?


A professor? The people that we depend on to teach our children and provide a positive influence? Instead, they are influencing them EXTREMELY negatively!

If true, he should be arrested and charged with aggravated assault with the intent to do bodily harm.. Whether he will remains to be seen. Anyone who protects him from prosecution should be charged with obstruction of justice.

From Conservative Tribune:

A crowdsourced attempt at identifying an Antifa rioter who beat Trump supporters with a bike lock in Berkeley, California, last weekend has alleged that the man is an ethics professor at in the Bay Area.

If true, and if a police investigation turns up evidence of it, it could mean charges are forthcoming against a respected member of academia — a public relations nightmare for the left.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the discovery was a result of a crowdsourced investigation on the /pol/ message board on the social media site 4chan. Information found by members of the message board led them to believe that the attacker was Eric Clanton, a philosophy professor, and stories about the identification are multiplying on conservative-leaning websites.

Here is how the incident played out. WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

Where are the law enforcement officers, courts, and judges defending our laws? Why should these mental cases be running free on our streets? And more importantly, why do these leaderless colleges and universities have these cowards on the teaching staff?

Listen people, we voted for Donald J. Trump. He is our president and you need to deal with it. I feel sorry for their parents, because they surely did not do their job. Whoever told you the world owes you ANYTHING is totally wrong!

What should happen to this professor? Should he be jailed? Should he be given a massive fine? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this to our Facebook/Twitter page.

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