President Donald Trump has reacted to Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit in pure Trumpian fashion, and his response has gone megaviral. Yesterday a federal judge tossed out Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump, citing First Amendment rights, and ordered her to pay his attorney fees. In reaction to the news, Trump mocked Daniels in a way only he could, and one word in particular has people going crazy.

Reactions to the tweet were split across ideological lines as you’d expect. Trump supporters generally found the comment to be hilarious, while liberals and “nevertrump” establishment Republicans pretended it was misogynistic because Trump made fun of a woman.

And of course, Stormy Daniels responded, joking that he perhaps has “a penchant for bestiality.”

Avenatti says they plan to appeal the verdict.

And speaking of defamation lawsuits and horses; back in July, Daniels was sued for defamation by horse trainers after she allegedly called one of them “autistic and mentally challenged” on social media, and accused the other of being a drunk. Still no word on the defamation suit.