Trump Slams ‘Fascist’ Prosecutors After His Lawyers Are Notified He is Subject of Criminal Investigation

Multiple reports have indicated Donald Trump's attorneys were notified several days ago that the former President is the target of a criminal investigation.
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President Joe Biden mishandled classified documents. He had them strewn about multiple locations, including in a garage alongside his Corvette.

Mike Pence had about a dozen classified documents turn up in his Indiana home.

Hillary Clinton famously had classified information on her private email server in her home, some of which were later deemed “top secret” though none were labeled that at the time.

But former President Donald Trump also had classified documents at his Florida home. And guess which one of these prominent politicians is the only one who is being targeted in a criminal investigation.

Multiple reports have indicated that Trump’s attorneys were notified several days ago that the former President is the target of a criminal probe, something Politico describes as “the clearest signal yet that special counsel Jack Smith is on the verge of a charging decision.”

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Trump The Target Of A Criminal Investigation

Trump’s attorneys reportedly met with Smith’s team on Monday, though the former President has insisted in multiple posts on his Truth Social media platform that he has not been informed of a pending indictment.

He has neither confirmed nor denied being told of being a target.

The Independent, however, is reporting that Smith’s case has moved further beyond that with prosecutors prepared to ask a grand jury in Washington, D.C. to indict Trump on obstruction of justice charges and violations of the Espionage Act.

Trump slammed the multiple ongoing investigations and denounced the uneven application of the law when it comes to other politicians and himself. He described the prosecutors looking to make names for themselves as “fascists.”

“Wow, this is turning out to be the greatest [and] most vicious instance of election interference in the history of our country,” he wrote on Truth Social, noting that he is the leading candidate to become the Republican nominee for President.

“Perhaps most importantly, they are launching all of the many fake investigations against me right smack in the middle of my campaign, something which is unheard of,” he added. “Fascists all!”

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Mark Meadows Cooperating With Special Counsel

Charging the former President under the Espionage Act gained steam with a report on an alleged recording in which Trump reportedly admitted to taking a classified document that detailed a potential attack on Iran.

CNN first reported on the audio recording but admitted to not having listened to it themselves.

Those who had, they explain, indicated the recording also features Trump admitting to being unsure he could declassify documents after leaving office, an argument at the crux of his defense for his actions.

Numerous Trump associates have testified to the grand jury over the past year, including former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

Meadows, the Independent writes, “is said to be cooperating with the investigations into his former boss” and “has already received limited immunity in exchange for his testimony.”

ABC News indicates Meadows has been singing to prosecutors in both the classified documents case and the investigation into Trump’s actions involving the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

Attorney General Merrick Garland named attorney Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate whether President Biden improperly handled classified documents back in January. There have been zero updates regarding the progression of that investigation.

Last week, the Justice Department informed attorneys for Pence that they had closed their case and he would not be charged in the discovery of classified documents at his home.

Former FBI Director James Comey let Clinton skate because he didn’t want any action taken to be viewed as a political move designed to upend a presidential election.

Trump has not been so lucky.

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