Flashback: Trump Sends Huge Thank You To James Woods After He Triggers Lefties With Election Tweet

President Trump took the time today to send a huge “Thank You” to famous actor James Woods. After Woods caused a huge uproar over a photo and dire warning about the 2020 election, President Trump stepped up and had his back.

Woods: If Trump Doesn’t Win, “America Is Gone Forever”

James Woods, a staunch supporter of President Trump and one of the very rare Hollywood conservatives, put out a tweet on Thursday encouraging patriotic Americans to vote for him in November’s election.

“This is our last stand, folks. And here’s your last defender,” Woods tweeted. “If they take him down, America is gone forever. Vote for [President Trump] like your life depends on it.”

Woods’s phrasing of the tweet echoed the successful campaign slogan of Richard Nixon in the 1968 election, who encouraged citizens to “vote like your whole world depends on it.”

President Trump clearly agreed with the sentiment, and retweeted Woods. “Thank you James,” the President wrote. “Sadly, you are 100% correct!”

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Leftists Immediately Accuse Them Of White Supremacy

Leftists were quick to jump on Woods and President Trump, immediately decrying the beloved actor and the president of being white supremacists, providing, as usual, absolutely zero evidence at all to back up any of their claims.

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Conservatives Aren’t The White Supremacists Here…

What else do you expect from the left? They don’t have facts and logic on their side, so all they can do is simply sling mud at their opponents and hope it sticks. James Woods and President Trump are obviously not white supremacists, but it says a lot about the left that they immediately assume their Tweets had anything to do with that.

From what I can tell, their assumption of white supremacy related to Woods’s line that “America” would be gone forever. In their mind, “America” is a white concept, unwelcoming for minorities. Well now, who’s the racists here? Certainly not President Trump, who’s done far more for the black community than recent Democrat presidents have.

And it’s not conservatives like myself and Woods who treat everyone based on their actions, and not the color of their skin! The left really needs to take a good, long look at themselves if they continue to spout this idiocy!

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