Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Philips went to New York University to poll the student body at the notoriously liberal university on President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy. (RELATED: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring).

“He’s quite extreme in his views,” said one student. “I saw it all over the news, that he’s like racist,” another student added.

“I saw the new nominee is like racist, and he’s starting a new wave of something very negative, and I’m really scared about the future and what choices he will make,” another said. “His entire cabinet and everyone he’s chosen has been the white supremacist legion of doom, and it’s dangerous to everyone who looks like me. They should all wear white hoods and burn crosses.”

All students and faculty interviewed had pretty visceral reactions to Trump’s SCOTUS pick – which they shouldn’t have, given that Trump hadn’t yet nominated anyone at the time of the interviews. It is fascinating though to see just how hostile the Left is to anything relating to Trump, including even his non-existent actions.

Watch below:

President Trump is expected to announce his replacement to Kennedy later today at 9 pm.

Trump’s four main choices include Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas M. Hardiman, Brett M. Kavanaugh and Raymond M. Kethledge. Senator Mitch McConnell advised Trump that Judges Hardiman and Kethledge would face fewer obstacles in the confirmation process than Judges Barrett and Kavanaugh.

Barrett is known for her outspoken socially conservative views, while Kavanaugh had a role in the independent counsel investigation into President Bill Clinton that could leave him particularly vulnerable to questioning.

Ironically, it was reported last week that Barrett and Kavanaugh are Trump’s two leading contenders to replace Kennedy. (RELATED: Here Are President Trump’s Top Two SCOTUS Picks). As you’ve already just seen, liberals are reacting hysterically to Trump’s SCOTUS pick before he’s made one. I have a feeling we’re going to see some unprecedented cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome once he actually does pick one.

Regardless of who President Trump nominates, Democrats will try and obstruct him, but conservatives must remain united, especially in the Senate. Given that the GOP holds a slim majority in the Senate, every vote is crucial to ensure a solid conservative will be the next Justice.