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President Trump Approves of Release of FISA Memo

It’s happening!

President Trump has reportedly authorized the release of the controversial FISA memo that documents surveillance abuse committed by the FBI and the FISA courts during the 2016 presidential election.

This is really, really big. Many suspect the release of this memo will result in the dismissal of many high-level government employees. John Roberts of Fox News just confirmed the release:

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From the Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump has approved the release of a classified memo compiled by House Republicans on the intelligence committee clearing the way for its release Friday, multiple outlets report.

The document allegedly contains proof that some of the top officials in the Obama-era national security establishment abused their authority to obtain surveillance warrants on members of  the Trump 2016 campaign. House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes assembled the memo with fellow Intel committee members and staff based on classified information turned over by the FBI and the DOJ.

Earlier this week, President Trump was caught on a hot mic stating his intention to release the memo. Immediately following his State of the Union speech, Trump told Rep. Jeff Duncan he was completely on board with releasing the memo.

The release is now set for tomorrow morning, just in time to begin the news cycle, and cause a massive political earthquake throughout Washington, D.C.

Earlier today, Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah told Stuart Varney that Trump would make the big decision today:

It looks like that decision has now been made. And, the more we hear about the memo, the more it becomes clear that heads are going to roll after its release.

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