Trump Pardons Weldon Angelos, Who Was Sentenced To 55 Years For Having A Gun While Selling Marijuana

Among a long list of pardons President Trump granted on Tuesday was for Weldon Angelos, a criminal justice reform advocate who was given a sentence 18 years ago the judge called “unjust and cruel and even irrational.”

Angelos was given such a hefty sentence due to federal mandatory minimum laws.

Angelos’ story is said to have, in part, inspired President Trump’s historic criminal justice reform efforts.

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President Trump Gives A Second Chance

The White House announcement read, “Today, President Trump granted a full pardon to Weldon Angelos.” 

Detailing Angelos’ sponsors, the statement noted, “Mr. Angelos’ pardon is supported by Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Alice Johnson, former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman, and others.”

“Mr. Angelos is an active criminal justice reform advocate and champion of giving second chances,” it noted.

Angelos Received 55 years For Marijuana/Gun Charge In 2002

Then the statement touched on the harsh sentence Angelos received. 

“Because of mandatory minimums, Mr. Angelos was sentenced in 2002 to 55 years’ imprisonment for selling marijuana and carrying a handgun in the course of dealing,” the statement noted.

It also noted, “The presiding judge called this excessive sentence ‘unjust and cruel and even irrational.”

Today, Angelos works to help fix the broken justice system that President Trump has also worked to correct with his historic First Step Act.

“Mr. Angelos was eventually released by judicial order after serving 13 years in prison, and committed to changing the world for the better through criminal justice reform advocacy.” the statement read.

Angelos’ Story Helped Inspire Trump’s First Step Act

“His story has been cited as an inspiration for sentencing reform, including the First Step Act, and he participated in a Prison Reform Summit at the White House in 2018,” it continued. 

Mr. Angelos wants “to become whole again and put the bad choices in the past and continue changing the world for the better.”

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Angelos showed his gratitude to the President on Twitter.

“Thank you, ⁦@realDonaldTrump for giving me a second chance at life. You’ll never regret it! We need more clemencies. Keep them coming, Mr. President! “

Keep them coming, Mr. President!

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