After Taking Vaccine, Biden Admits President Trump ‘Deserves Some Credit’

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On Monday, President-elect Joe Biden received his first coronavirus vaccine dose in Newark, Delaware.

Then he actually applauded the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed and said the President “deserves some credit.”

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Biden: ‘I Think The Administration Deserves Some Credit’

“The scientists and the people who put this together, the front line workers, the people who were the ones who actually did the clinical work, it’s just amazing,” Biden told reporters after getting vaccinated.

But Biden also noted Trump deserved credit.

“I think the administration deserves some credit getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed,” Biden admitted.

“I also think that it’s worth saying that this gives great hope,” Biden continued.

“I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it’s available to take the vaccine. There is nothing to worry about.”

Biden: ‘This Is Just The Beginning’

Biden then made a point to stress that “this is just the beginning.”

“It’s one thing to get the vaccine out — and now Moderna is going to be on the road as well — but it’s going to take time,” he said.

“In the meantime, I know I don’t want to sound like a sour note here, but I hope people listen to all the experts from the Dr. Fauci’s on, talking about the need to wear masks during this Christmas and New Year’s holiday,” Biden said.

He added, “Wear masks, socially distance, and if you don’t have to travel, don’t travel.”

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Vaccines Are Coming, But We’re Still Not Out Of The Woods, Stresses Biden

Biden warned the pandemic was not over.

“We’re still in the thick of this. It’s one thing to have the vaccine show up at a hospital,” Biden said.

“It’s another thing to get the vaccine from that vial into a needle, into an arm, and there’s millions of people out there that are going to need this,” he finished.

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