Congressional leaders late Sunday evening announced that they had agreed to a $900 billion COVID relief package that will include $600 stimulus checks to most Americans.

Key Senate members touted the agreement – which took several months to become reality – as if they were the cavalry charging in to save the American people.

“As the American people continue battling the coronavirus this holiday season, they will not be on their own,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared. “Congress has just reached an agreement.”

“After weeks of intense negotiation, we’ve reached an agreement on an emergency #COVIDrelief package,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also hailed.

“It will deliver emergency relief to a nation in the throes of a genuine emergency.”

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COVID Relief Bill With Paltry Stimulus Checks For the American People

‘Intense negotiation’? Are we supposed to be impressed by your hard work, Senator Schumer?

‘The American people will not be on their own’? Are we supposed to be grateful that Congress finally decided to help the people after almost a full year of lockdowns, Senator McConnell?

As conservatives, we are loathe to hear of anything known as a stimulus coming out of Congress, knowing full-well it will contain ridiculous amounts of pork not meant for the actual American people.

But, come on. $600 relief checks? Half of what Americans received back in April, over eight months ago?

All while politicians were out living their best life, getting their blow-outs at the local salon in private, dining at the French Laundry, and vacationing in Cabo San Lucas?

Could they be any more out of touch with the American people?

Sure enough, it took no time at all for the hashtag #LetThemEatCake to begin trending on social media.

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People Aren’t Happy

Suffice it to say, there weren’t too many people all that pleased with the results of the $900 billion COVID relief package.

And there are plenty of reasons which mostly involve the average American being relegated to a $600 ‘relief’ check while other well-to-do people have been making out quite well during the pandemic.

That restaurant we were talking about – the one that California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught flouting his own COVID lockdown rules? They received a little stimulus of their own while other businesses were being forced to shutter.

Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady got himself a yacht.

Kanye West’s fashion company turned out to be a bit of a ‘Gold Digger,’ getting millions in PPP loans despite the fact that he is a billionaire.

Even the Democrats’ lapdogs, the media, are getting a little bit of love in the COVID relief package.

But hey, cheer up … You’re going to get a nice fat $600 check after the holidays.

A check made up of taxpayer money. Your money.

As one person gracefully puts it, however, this isn’t about money from the government, it’s about the government preventing people from earning money.

Is it any wonder at all that Congress’ approval rating constantly hovers somewhere between traffic jams and dysentery?