‘Trump of the Tropics’ Jair Bolsonaro Tells Marvel Actor ‘Mark Ruffles’ To Settle Down, Mocks His Career

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro blasted Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo, calling him ‘Mark Ruffles’ and suggesting some things are more complicated than memorizing lines like “AHGFRR.”

The latter was a reference to one of Ruffalo’s more famous roles as Bruce Banner/Hulk from the Avengers movies.

The Twitter beatdown occurred after ‘Ruffles’ criticized President Biden for meeting with Bolsonaro last month.

The BBC described the meeting in frosty terms, even referring to the Brazilian President as the “Trump of the Tropics” for his brash nature and skepticism over electronic voting.

“Dear @POTUS: the man you are meeting with today does not respect democracy and consistently threatens a coup,” Ruffalo tweeted.

It didn’t take long for Bolsonaro to respond, proving he is certainly the ‘Trump of the Twittersphere’ as well.

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Mark ‘Ruffles’ Ruffalo Ruffled His Feathers Over Jair Bolsonaro

In one of the more hilarious takedowns we’ve seen on Twitter – period – much less from the President of another nation, Jair Bolsonaro obliterated the Marvel actor over his comments.

“Dear Mark Ruffles, calm down!” he fired back.

“I’m sure you have never read the Brazilian Constitution, but I can assure you it’s nothing like the complicated Hulk scripts you have to memorize: ‘AHGFRR.'”

Bolsonaro wasn’t even vaguely through with the ‘Hulk.’ In fact, he continued to smash him in follow-up tweets trying to explain the election process in Brazil, even using Marvel metaphors so as to allow him a chance to understand.

“Let me make it simple,” he said. “If Captain America was elected by +55 million people and Thanos, who is a foreigner and doesn’t know anything about the US, tries to interfere in the American territory or electoral process, it’s Thanos and not the Captain who is disrespecting democracy.”

A Personal Jab

In his final message for Mark ‘Ruffles,” Jair Bolsonaro took a personal jab at the actor.

“By the way, the original Hulk was much cooler,” he wrote. “He didn’t need a computer to look strong and actually understood something about nature.”

That tweet accompanied a video clip of Lou Ferrigno, the former American bodybuilder who played The Incredible Hulk in the television series between 1977 and 1982, fighting a bear.

The ‘nature’ shot appears to have been referencing Ruffalo’s extremist environmental activism.

As expected, Ruffalo didn’t have a very good comeback to getting completely run over by Bolsonaro, mumbling something about hungry people in Brazil.

Odd retort, considering in Biden’s America, there are 38 million people facing hunger, according to the USDA.

Inflation under POTUS has destroyed savings, as many seniors are forced to resort to food banks as bills remain unpaid.

Mothers have struggled to find baby formula in the Biden economy while everyday grocery items have skyrocketed in price.

Companies, despite the higher prices, are hitting consumers with a double whammy, putting less product in their bags or boxes as a means to fight inflationary prices.

A report from March indicates bags of Doritos had five fewer chips in them on average. 

Doritos are made by Frito-Lay, which also makes Ruffles. Not Mark Ruffles but rather, the chips.

Rather than lobbying President Biden to do something for the American people, the Marvel actor has picked a fight with somebody he can’t beat in Jair Bolsonaro.

Better get back to memorizing your lines and pretending to be a superhero, Mark. Because you’re far from one in real life.


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