BREAKING: Trump May Have Gone Too Far In His Latest Claim! Ouch!

The website published an article giving Donald Trump credit for Ford moving assembly jobs from Mexico to its Avon Lake, Ohio plant. The article states that Trump’s wildly successful campaign and his rhetoric about making it more expensive to shift jobs to Mexico forced the company’s hand into relocating to Ohio.

Except, that’s not what happened – at all.

As Nick Mascari at Third Base Politics points out, the deal was negotiated in 2011 by Ohio Governor John Kasich, the UAW union, and Ford. It has been in the works for 4 years, because deals this large take time.

But Trump caused himself trouble when he tweeted the claim repeatedly. 

This has left some scratching their heads. How could Trump’s 2015 rallies have caused a decision made in 2011? Has Trump become a victim of his own success by assuming everything is affected by him?

Expect this to be an issue at the next GOP presidential debate. John Kasich’s campaign has been failing and some pundits keep wondering why he is even bothering to continue the campaign at this point. But Trump may have breathed some life into the Ohio Governor’s campaign by promoting something Kasich actually helped accomplish.

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H/T: Third Base Politics

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