President Trump (obviously) wasn’t responsible for the shooting deaths of 5 Maryland newspaper staffers yesterday. But the media openly and desperately wanted him to be.

Why do I say that? Why do I accuse our intrepid media class who, day after day, diligently uncovers the slimy corruption in the Trump Administration of imputing blame for a shooting on the President?

Well, frankly, because of tweets like this:

We now know that the man who killed 5 at the Capital-Gazette newsroom was not motivated by ideology or politics. His was a personal grudge against a paper with a strictly local beat. National politics has nothing whatsoever to do with it. (RELATED: Annapolis Shooter Identified, Called Gazette His ‘Sworn Blood Enemies’).

Yet, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, leftwing journalists near and far assigned blame to Trump, even when they admitted not all the facts were in. Take a long look at these:

Who the hell do these people think they are? Sure, they feel solidarity with their fellow journalists gunned down by an obviously obsessive lunatic. That’s perfectly natural. But let’s not shy away from what’s really going on: this is excuse-grasping of a despicable, heinous nature. They want to blame Trump for his tough rhetoric about journalism. They want to pin blame on him for anything bad that happens to journalists.

This isn’t just non-objective bias. It’s a pathology of hate. Journalists hate President Trump because unlike any Republican president before him, he refuses to accept the media’s litany of false stories about his administration. He actually hits back when hit himself.

And the media does itself no favors by repeatedly reporting false and misleading stories about him. (RELATED: Here’s The Truth About The Crying Girl On The Cover Of Time).

This has all created a toxic brew where the press is now determined to foist blame on Trump for all of the world’s ills, including this latest shooting that was not at all related to him.

Take a look at how the media prodded President Trump when he returned to the White House yesterday afternoon:

This hounding was completely unnecessary given that Trump had already weighed in on the shooting:

So why toss questions at him about the shooting when the President already released a statement on it? What was the point? It’s not possibly because they were baiting him, trying to get him to say something embarrassing or compromising, right?

Of course that’s why the media jackals didn’t waste a minute trying to get Trump on the record. Their aim is to smear him. And they’ll use any kind of underhanded tactics to do it, including blaming him for a shooting he had no role in.

This guy sums up the thinking of any American still not enraptured by hysterical partisan fever:

Ain’t that the truth.

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