The members of the so-called “Resistance” on the other side of the Atlantic aren’t much more effective, it appears. Trump is in the UK today, and facing the same kind of protests he often faces in America.

The big “diss” that protesters had planned for Trump today making headlines was that they’d fly a 20-foot tall “Trump Baby” balloon above Parliament Square when he’s present. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan approved flying the balloon, citing freedom of speech. (RELATED: London Mayor Responds to Knife Attacks By Demanding ‘Knife Control’ Policies). Of course, the real reason he approved the balloon is that it mocks Trump. Khan previously banned advertisements in London featuring women in swimsuits (because they “promote unrealistic body standards,” or some nonsense), and didn’t want Trump in his city in the first place, so I have my doubts the man has much concern for freedom of speech. (RELATED: London Mayor Demands Apology From Trump, Wants To Cancel State Visit).

In reality, though, a 20-foot tall balloon is hardly as large as you might expect. This balloon mocking Trump, which attracted hundreds of headlines, and hours of media attention, wasn’t even large enough to be visible by Trump…. or many others.

And while the headline over at CNN reads “Protesters slam Trump in mass march through London” there wasn’t much actual mass to the protests. Their estimates claim that there are 200,000 out to protest, but the photographs say otherwise (when they aren’t shown from deceptive angles). Other sources have a lower estimate of 60,000 attendees (maybe one day the media will learn to count).

Bigger crowds of protesters could be seen in other areas, but it’s still a long-shot to estimate 200,000 people showed up.

Other footage captured the protesters voicing their disapproval of Trump by screaming at inanimate objects (language warning):

Indeed, so irrelevant were the protests, that they had to import at least one opportunist from America, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer:

If you listened to the media’s hype, you would’ve thought that the entire country was going to turn up to protest Trump. In reality, even those who did show up were incomprehensible when it came to the question of what they were there to protest.

The protests did manage to attract at least one counter protester though, who showed up wearing a Trump hat. His identity is unknown, so it’s unclear if he’s visiting from America, or is a British citizen.

No word on how well received his presence was there – but at least there was one reasonable person.

I thought that the anti-Trump protests in America were embarrassing, but at least people show up for ours.