London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants an apology from Donald Trump after the president retweeted videos posted by the leader of a British anti-Muslim group.

Britain First leader Jayda Fransen posted three videos Tuesday showing violence against civilians and a Christian statue. Trump’s Twitter account retweeted the videos Wednesday, which quickly sparked reactions from British politicians such as Prime Minister Theresa May. (RELATED: Trump Retweets Three Videos From British Anti-Islamist Group)

Khan, a Muslim, described the tweets as a “betrayal of the special relationship” between Britons and Americans. He also called on May to withdraw an invitation for a state visit in the U.K., arguing Trump “would not be welcomed.”

“It beggars belief that the President of our closest ally doesn’t see that his support of this extremist group actively undermines the values of tolerance and diversity that makes Britain so great,” Khan said in a statement. “As the mayor of this great diverse city, I have previously called on Theresa May to cancel her ill-judged offer of a state visit to President Trump. After this latest incident, it is increasingly clear that any official visit at all from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed.”

Khan and Trump have exchanged insults since the president criticized the mayor’s response to a terror attack on London Bridge in June. Khan has since repeatedly called on the government to cancel the planned state visit.

The mayor has further compared Trump’s rhetoric to language used by Islamic State.

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