Trump Just Ended This RINO’s Campaign For President


If this was a Rocky movie, I would have thrown in the towel for poor John Kasich. The Ohio governor had said he was going to go on the attack early in the CNBC Republican debate against front runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson. He wanted to take the gloves off and attack their tax plans.

Kasich seemed fired up: he ignored the first question of the evening (asked about his weaknesses), and ripped the two popular outsiders.

“You just don’t make promises like this,” Kasich says of Trump and Carson. “Why don’t we just give a chicken in every pot, while we’re coming up with these fantasy tax schemes?”

Kasich kept on going, claiming responsibility for balancing the budget in Washington during his time as a Congressman and bringing a $2 billion surplus to Ohio, but it’s ultimately for naught. Trump decided it was his time to respond and away he went.

“First of all, John got lucky with a thing called fracking…That’s why Ohio is doing well.”

“He was so nice…but then his poll numbers tanked, that’s why he’s on the end, so he got nasty,” Trump says to audience laughter.

Trump also gets a dig in about Kasich’s Lehman Brothers past.

“This was the man that was a managing general partner at Lehman Brothers when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with them, including Ben and myself,” he said.

In the latest national CBS News/New York Times poll, four percent of Republican primary voters support Kasich, while 26 percent support Carson and 22 percent support Trump.

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Maybe next time Kasich will choose his battles more wisely. With great power comes great responsibility.

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