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Political Cartoon Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy Over FBI Investigations

For months, Democrats have demanded non-stop investigations. They bought into the conspiracy theory that Russia controlled Donald Trump’s campaign. The Trump investigation has gone on for months. There have been no conclusive results.

Without providing evidence, the left continues to push. The liberal media is repeating their claims.

Last week, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and Democrats predictably pounced. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speculated that Trump fired Comey as a cover-up. Yet he offered no evidence to support this claim. Democrats demanded a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate.

However, one political cartoon exposes how Comey and the Democrats are complete hypocrites when it comes to FBI investigations.

Trump investigation

Rather there is a mountain of evidence pointing to crimes Clinton potentially committed. From her illegal email server to the use of the Clinton Foundation to peddle influence with Russia. All the while, the FBI, and Democrats remain silent.

The Truth about the Trump Investigation

Yet, there is not a single Democrat demanding more investigations into Hillary’s shady past. Rather, former-FBI Director James Comey and the left continued to obsess over the fake Trump-Russia ties.  They have no evidence to back up such claims.

In conclusion, democrat demands for more FBI investigations into Trump in order to destroy him. They don’t care if there are no facts to justify it.

H/T: Comically Incorrect

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