Things aren’t looking up for Austin Clay, the man who recently took a pickax to President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. It was the second time that the star had been seriously vandalized in the past two years, though it’s faced less severe forms of vandalism in the past (such as covering it with anti-Trump stickers).

Los Angeles is notoriously liberal, and without serious consequences, the star is going to be destroyed and repaired indefinitely in coming years. Ironically, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which is on the hook for the repair costs. So these vandals are only “sticking it” to their own community.

Regardless, they’re likely just as sick of ponying up the money for repair costs as The Donald is at seeing his star destroyed. According to the Daily Wire, “The L.A. County district attorney has charged Clay with felony vandalism, and, if convicted, Clay could face a maximum of three years in prison for destroying Trump’s star in an act of protest. Clay probably won’t object to the charges, though he may try to enter a plea bargain. If convicted, Clay isn’t likely to serve the full three-year term, but L.A. County courts are notoriously unpredictable.”

Meanwhile, in West Hollywood, Mayor John Duran announced on Twitter that the “West Hollywood City council unanimously passes a resolution asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.” Clay’s goal was reportedly to get the star removed permanently, hoping that continuous destruction would force its removal, though Duran cited Trump’s “abuse of women, minorities, immigrants, [and] the disabled” for the vote.

But this comment from Duran and vote by his constituents is just to get attention. West Hollywood lacks the authority to remove the star; as it’s not within their jurisdiction. It’s truly embarrassing to see how many publications reported on Duran’s comments without realizing that.

Regardless, if Trump’s star were removed, the names that remain would speak volumes about liberal priorities. No one is calling for the removal of the Hollywood Stars belonging to Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey, who actually committed serious sexual crimes. Heck, even Duran has cost the city of West Hollywood $500,000 in the past for the sexual misconduct allegations against himself!

And yet, he, like Spacey and Cosby, walks free without consequence.

Then again, they aren’t Republicans.

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