Liberals Attack President Trump After Release of Harvey Donation List

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Only in the liberal media can one simultaneously mock President Donald Trump describing the $1 million loan he used to launch his real-estate empire as “small” to calling the president’s pledge to donate the exact same amount to Hurricane Harvey relief pocket change.

Some even speculated that the donation Trump pledged was only for show, and he wouldn’t actually give a dime. He faced the same accusations when he said he wouldn’t be taking a salary as president, and instead would have it donated to charity. Some liberal sites have hilariously tried to claim that Trump lied about donating his salary, because he receives his presidential check, then donates it, rather than have it donated instantly without ever seeing it. These critics don’t realize the president is required by law to take the annual $400k salary for tax purposes.

As for Harvey, the White House released a list disclosing what charities would be receiving Trump’s personal dollars.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted out the press release above… and liberals immediately went mad.

One bemoaned the number of Christian charities in a predominantly Christian nation:

Can you imagine liberals complaining had a Muslim charity received the funds? Of course not!

Another Twitter user hoped that the charities wouldn’t cash the checks, because apparently they’re taking blood money, or something.

And then there was some miscellaneous stupidity you might get a laugh out of:

Certainly a pathetic list of complaints. It’s interesting that $1 million is no longer a lot of money, yet, for some reason, there’s suspicion that Trump won’t actually donate the money. Wasn’t $1 million just pocket change to begin with?

You can never keep things straight with liberals. They have no coherent arguments, just non-stop whining.

Let’s be honest, Trump could’ve offered $1 billion in relief and liberals would complain he didn’t offer two.

At this point, I’m really just waiting for Trump to come out and declare that the sky is blue just to see how those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome react.

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