Trump Gives the Nickname ‘Crooked’ to Joe Biden – You Won’t Believe What He Wants to Call Hillary

Donald Trump has bestowed the nickname 'crooked' upon President Joe Biden, retiring its use in reference to Hillary Clinton.
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has bestowed the nickname ‘crooked’ upon President Joe Biden, retiring its use in reference to former nemesis Hillary Clinton.

Trump began calling Clinton “Crooked Hillary” during the 2016 presidential campaign, eventually and hilariously shortening it to just “Crooked.”

The former President outlined his nickname strategy as he hosted a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire Thursday.

He began by telling the crowd of supporters about Biden’s re-election announcement and vowing to “rescue America” from another four years of “disastrous” Democratic policies.

“I will be retiring the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.

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Trump Wants ‘Crooked Joe Biden’ – But What About Hillary?

Transferring the moniker ‘crooked’ from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden creates a void for the former First Lady.

And Trump joked about a couple of moderations to her nickname. Words that her husband Bill Clinton probably doesn’t even use.

“I’m going to give her a new name — I don’t know, like maybe ‘Lovely Hillary’ or ‘Beautiful Hillary,’” he said.

Excuse me for a moment …

“But I’m going to retire the name ‘Crooked’ so that we can use the name for Joe Biden,” Trump continued.

“Because he’ll be known from now on as ‘Crooked Joe Biden.'”

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Could Apply to the Whole Family

The GOP frontrunner said there has “never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest as Joe Biden.”

But the descriptor could apply to just about anybody in the Biden family.

Hunter Biden’s extensive profiting off the Biden name in China and Ukraine is well-documented. As is his penchant for dabbling in drugs and prostitutes.

Representative James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, recently suggested at least a dozen relatives of President Biden could be exposed in foreign money deals.

“I mean, it’s the entire family,” Comer said. “And there isn’t a single one of those family members that had the ability to do anything to influence foreign policy other than the big guy, Joe Biden.”

Beyond being funny, Trump’s use of nicknames for his political opponents has been fairly successful, as evidenced in past GOP primaries and the 2016 election against the artist formerly known as ‘Crooked Hillary.’

Referring to Senator Ted Cruz as ‘Lyin’ Ted’ and Senator Marco Rubio as ‘Lil Marco’ was a devastating tactic for Trump during the 2016 Republican primary. The names stuck in the voters’ consciousness, and his opponents could never quite find a way to punch back.

And who could forget ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Bush?

Trump has used several different nicknames for Biden in the past, the most recent being ‘Sleepy Joe’ during the 2020 race for the White House.

The New York Post reported that Trump was originally partial to the nickname ‘Creepy Joe’ for Biden, referencing his strange fascination with accosting and kissing women in his presence.

At one point he toyed with the idea of using ‘1 percent’ for Biden, a reference to the numbers Biden pulled in previous presidential campaigns.

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