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Trump Found A New Word To Describe Hillary – And She’s Going To HATE It

hillary hot sauce

Sure, the descriptive term of ‘liar’ will never truly be trumped by another adjective when describing Hillary Clinton, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has come up with a close second.


Trump was responding to Clinton’s blatant attempt at pandering to the black community by claiming she “always carries a bottle of hot sauce” with her.

During an interview with a black radio host, Clinton was asked what one item she always carries in her bag.

“Hot sauce,” Clinton answered. “Yeah.”

Another host almost immediately called her out on it, saying “Now listen, I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people.'”

Having no shame, Clinton asked “Is it working?”

The phrase is an apparent reference to Beyoncé’s hit single “Formation,” a ‘black power anthem‘ with it’s catchy line “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

Now Trump has weighed in on the matter, blasting Clinton as a complete “phony,” sarcastically adding “she carries hot sauce, like I carry hot sauce.”

Trump added that she’s never been an authentic person, saying Clinton’s pandering is “the same thing she always does.”

Inform reports:

Donald Trump has some thoughts about Hillary Clinton saying she carries hot sauce in her bag: She’s “phony” and “pandering.”

The real estate mogul was asked on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday about an interview Clinton did with a hip-hop station’s radio show in New York where she said that she carries hot sauce in her purse (Clinton has long been known as a hot pepper aficionado).

“It’s just, I don’t know so phony, and so pandering and so terrible,” Trump said before adding, “I think, you know, frankly, I think Bernie probably has a decent chance to win.

Watch the report below …

Clinton has doubled down on her claim.

“No seriously, hot sauce. I’ve been eating a lot of hot sauce. Raw peppers and hot sauce,” she said. “Because I think it keeps my immune system strong. I think hot sauce is good for you, in moderation.”

Maybe she’s just a big fan of former NBA player Delonte West, hanging at the local KFC …

Comment: What do you think? Is Hillary a hot sauce aficionado with a bottle always at the ready, or is she a first-class phony pandering to the Hip Hop community?