President Trump responded to comments by Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden in which he erroneously claimed 120 million people have died from COVID-19.

Biden, known for what the media refer to as gaffes, made the statement during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania earlier in the day on Thursday.

“People don’t have a job, people don’t know where to go, they don’t know what to do,” Biden said. “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”

He was only off by roughly 983 times the actual mark.

Biden did manage to catch himself after making the error, which never made it to pool coverage of the event.

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Media Hypocrisy

In an interview with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity, President Trump suggested Biden’s comments were “mortifyingly stupid.”

“If I ever said something so mortifyingly stupid, the Fake News Media would come down on me with a vengeance,” he claimed.

Herein lies the problem – he’s right. Had the President said something like this there would have been wall-to-wall coverage on mainstream media questioning his mental faculties and whether or not the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked.

“That’s not like an error, ‘Gee, it’s a slip-up,” Trump told Hannity. “That’s a serious error. That’s not a permissible type of error, because there’s something going on.”

But the media simply refer to Joe’s train of thought issues as ‘gaffes.’ Over and over again, it’s just good ol’ Uncle Joe with his crazy ‘gaffes.’

“You know, it’s wonderful to say, ‘Gee I feel sorry,’ or ‘It’s too bad,’ because I do,” Trump continued. “Except we’re talking about the presidency of the United States, and it’s just not acceptable.”

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A Pattern

This isn’t the first time Biden has made a ‘mortifyingly stupid’ comment drastically inflating numbers to make a point.

Hours after telling gun manufacturers in South Carolina that “I am coming for you” back in February, Biden made the wildly inaccurate claim that 150 million Americans have died due to gun violence.

“150 million people have been killed since 2007,” he said during a Democrat debate. “More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on, carnage on our streets.”

The only ‘carnage’ in that exchange was the number of brain cells people lost listening to him flub basic facts.

“Here’s a guy who doesn’t talk. Nobody hears him,” Trump told Hannity. “Whenever he does talk – he can’t put two sentences together. I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. I mean, the man can’t speak.”