President Donald just responded to the Democrats after they voted to approve two articles of impeachment against him.

Trump Blasts House Democrats

The Hill reported that Trump accused House Democrats of “trivializing impeachment” by approving the articles of impeachment against him. He also warned them that they might regret this sometime down the road.

“And I tell you what, someday there will be a Democrat president and there will be a Republican House, and I suspect they’re going to remember it,” Trump added.

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Calling the entire impeachment inquiry a “hoax” and a “sham,” Trump said that Democrats just want to impeach him for their own “political gain” and that the American people are “disgusted” by what they are doing to him.

“This has been a wild week,” the president said. “It’s a witch hunt, it’s a sham, it’s a hoax. Nothing was done wrong, zero was done wrong.”

Trump Defends Ukraine Phone Call

“I think it’s a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment, which is supposed to be used in an emergency and it would seem many many many years apart. They’re using this for a perfect phone call, ” he continued, according to Daily Mail.

Trump was referring to his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which Democrats have since tried to use to get him impeached. They claim that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate the business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the nation, indicating that he would withhold military aid if they didn’t do so.

Trump and his supporters have argued that he didn’t pressure Ukraine at all and never actually threatened to withhold the aid.

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Trump Goes After The FBI

Not stopping there, Trump blasted the FBI over the newly released inspector general’s report that revealed that agents acted improperly while conducting surveillance of Trump campaign officials over Russia.

“When you look at the IG report and these horrible FBI people,” Trump said.

When asked by reporters about his preferences for his looming Senate trial, Trump replied, “I’ll do whatever I want.”

“We did nothing wrong. So I’ll do long, or short. I’ve heard Mitch, I’ve heard Lindsey,” Trump said. “I think they are very much in agreement on some concept. I’ll do whatever they want to do. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t mind the long process, because I’d like to see the whistleblower, who’s a fraud.”