Watch: China Rolls Out Red Carpet For Trump, Humiliated Obama

President Trump’s recent trip to Asia included a stop in China where the country rolled out the red carpet for the American leader.

In fact, take a look at this intro from a report by The Guardian.

“Uncompromising luxury. Exquisite life. Fun, redefined.”

The site was describing the posh, five-star hotel in which Trump would be staying for his visit to a location just east of Tiananmen Square.

Trump also became the first foreign leader to dine in the Forbidden City since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

All in all, “Such hospitality is rarely seen in modern China,” a state-run newspaper explained of the measures of comfort and respect afforded the President.

Now, contrast all of this with former President Obama’s last trip to China. In September of 2016, Chinese officials refused to give Obama a staircase to disembark from Air Force One and he was forced to exit from a little used door that observers referred to as “the ass of the plane.”

“China’s leaders have been accused of delivering a calculated diplomatic snub to Barack Obama after the US president was not provided with a staircase to leave his plane during his chaotic arrival in Hangzhou before the start of the G20,” the Guardian reported.

Even after getting off his plane, Obama’s entourage was embroiled in some heated exchanges with Chinese officials. One was heard shouting “This is our country! This is our airport!”

Check out Obama, an ass, exit from the ‘ass’ of the plane …

Symbolism like this is a major facet of Chinese culture. The snub was intentional, and it was meant to insult the honor of President Obama.

“These things do not happen by mistake,” said Jorge Guajardo at the time, Mexico’s former ambassador to China. “Not with the Chinese.”

He added, “It’s a snub. It’s a way of saying: ‘You know, you’re not that special to us.’”

President Trump, however, gets the red carpet treatment, a posh hotel, and is the only modern President to be invited to the Forbidden City.

Guess that means the Chinese think he’s special to them.

Do you think China respects Trump more than they did Obama? Share your thoughts below!

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