President Trump warned that illegal immigrants were bringing crime and disease into the United States just before his meeting with Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

The border wall demand

This meeting is supposed to hash out a budget deal to fully fund the government after the stop-gap spending bill expires in less than two weeks. (RELATED: Congress Passes Short-Term Spending Bill to Avert Government Shutdown With No Wall Funding.)

President Trump is pushing for at least $5 billion dedicated solely to constructing a wall along our southern border with Mexico. He needs 60 votes in the Senate to approve of such a measure. But with only 51 Republican senators, he’s going to have to peel off some Democrats in order to get the border wall funds he wants.

According to Politico, Schumer has agreed to $1.3 billion in border wall spending so far. That’s not even close to what Trump is asking for.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are going to the White House today to talk to President Donald Trump about the government shutdown, which is 11 DAYS away.

REMINDER: Most of the government is funded. There are seven bills that need to pass — among them is the DHS funding bill, and that’s where the border wall money is tied up. Right now, Schumer’s position is $1.3 billion for border security, and Trump wants $5 billion for a wall. They’re miles apart.

Trump’s opening salvo in negotiations

Trump has a little leverage left in this congressional term to get the border wall funding, or a figure close to his demand, he desires. So he’s going full bore, outlining how imperative it is that the wall is built. Here is Trump’s opening salvo to the meeting:

There’s a lot to unpack here, but Trump just outlined the real danger illegal immigration poses to the country. While border enforcement is doing their best to plug the holes in our porous border, it’s not enough to keep people out. We need a wall and we need it immediately.

Running out of time to build the wall

Democrats have a lot of leverage going into this meeting. Their main negotiating weapon is only one thing: time. Democrats are about to take control of the House of Representatives. They can wait this out. Trump can’t. The chances of him getting a Democrat House to pass spending for his border wall are about the same as Nancy Pelosi walking on water.

Trump needs to get this done now, or he’s surely be in trouble for 2020. (RELATED: President Donald Trump Needs to Put Up or Shut Up on Immigration.)

Should the Government Stay Shut Down if the Border Wall Isn't Funded?

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The clock is ticking and Trump needs to show his acuity for deal-making or Democrats are going to roll him.