‘True Detective’ Star Jodie Foster Rips Generation Z – ‘They’re Really Annoying’

Jodie Foster
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The two-time Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster is speaking out to blast Generation Z, saying that they are “really annoying,” especially to work with.

Foster Rips Generation Z

“They’re really annoying, especially in the workplace,” Foster The Guardian

“They’re like, ‘Nah, I’m not feeling it today, I’m gonna come in at 10:30 a.m.,’” the 61 year-old former Silence Of The Lambs actress continued. “Or in emails, I’ll tell them, ‘This is all grammatically incorrect, did you not check your spelling?’ And they’re like, ‘Why would I do that, isn’t that kind of limiting?’”

When asked what advice she would give young people in Hollywood, Foster replied, “They need to learn how to relax, how to not think about it so much, how to come up with something that’s theirs.”

“I can help them find that, which is so much more fun than being, with all the pressure behind it, the protagonist of the story,” added Foster, who got her start as a child star.

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Foster Hit With Backlash – Backs Down

Daily Mail reported that Foster was immediately hit with tons of backlash for her attack Generation Z.

“Criticizing an entire generation reveals more about yourself than the actual said generation,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “Jodie Foster s****ing on Gen Z is so very boring. Surely every single generation, as they hit late teens / early 20s was criticised for the same sorts of things? And it’s so convenient that we forget exactly how arrogant / lazy / ridiculous we were in our youth.”

“Oh, she forgot her parents generation dumping on hers,” a third user commented. “And the generation before that dumping on theirs. It’s always been that the ‘adults’ blame the kids for society while not taking responsibility for the society they were in charge of. Miss me with that.”

The backlash appears to have gotten to Foster, as she backtracked on Sunday night while walking the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, where she was nominated for her work in the movie Nyad. There, Foster told Entertainment Tonight that she “loves” Generation Z, pointing out that she has two sons in that age group.

“I adore them. They have all this freedom, which is wonderful but we didn’t have. We didn’t know we could say no, for example, and it’s just created a miraculous, confident, different, authentic people,” she said. “But it also makes them, you know.”

Host Kevin Frazier interjected by saying “very difficult sometimes,” to which Foster replied, “yes.”

“But you need them in order to make your phone work,” she concluded. “What can I say.”

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Foster Talks Aging

Last month, Foster opened up to Interview Magazine about how while she struggled in her 50s, she is now feeling better than ever at 61.

“I think it’s an age thing, because I felt these huge shifts the day I turned 30 and the day I turned 60. And 60 was the best shift of all, because I was struggling in my 50s,” Foster confessed.

Foster went on to say that when she was in her 50s, she struggled with wondering if she would “do anything meaningful again,” describing “that awkward phase where everybody who’s in their late 40s or 50s is very busy getting all plumped and shooting s— into their face.”

“I didn’t want that life, but I also knew that I couldn’t compete with my old self,” she said. “So my 50s were tough.”

Foster was then stunned to find that “something happened” when she “turned 60.

“I was like, ‘I figured it out. This is good.’ There was something about going back to the work with a different attitude, I think,” she recalled. “About really enjoying supporting other people and saying to myself, ‘This is not my time. I had my time. This is their time, and I get to participate in it by giving them whatever wisdom I have.'”

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