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Megyn Kelly Taylor Swift
Sources YouTube: Megyn Kelly, Golden Globes
January 10, 2024
Megyn Kelly let loose on Taylor Swift for making the “wrong move” at the Golden Globes on Sunday, branding her as “annoying.”
Jodie Foster
Source: CBS Sunday Mornings YouTube
January 9, 2024
Jodie Foster is blasting Generation Z for being “really annoying” to work with as she prepares to star in “True Detective.”
Source: Entertainment Tonight
January 9, 2024
Oprah is trying to shut down rumors that she is feuding with the Hollywood star Taraji P. Henson of “Empire” fame.
Gillian Anderson
Source: ExtraTV YouTube
January 8, 2024
The Hollywood star Gillian Anderson of “X Files” and “The Crown” far wore a vagina-covered dress to the Golden Globes on Sunday night.
Kevin Costner
Source: Golden Globes YouTube
January 8, 2024
Kevin Costner, 68, was “grateful” to attend the Golden Globes last night months after his bitter divorce from Christine Baumgartner.