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Trey Gowdy Torches Rosenstein During Hearing On Russian Investigation

Chris White on June 28, 2018

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy criticized investigators Thursday for not moving faster on their investigation into the extent of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

“If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury,” Gowdy, a Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee, told FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at a congressional hearing.

“Whatever you got, finish it the hell up,” Gowdy said, adding: “Right now this country is being torn apart.” Gowdy is not the only Republican seeking answers from Wray and Rosenstein.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, for one, is demanding the Department of Justice release more documents related to the probe.

“We are sick and tired of the Department of Justice giving us the runaround,” he said. “As a separate branch of government, we have a right to get information.”

“We want the full weight of the United States House of Representatives behind this resolution saying we are entitled, again, as a separate and equal branch of government, to get the information we need to do our oversight duty,” Jordan added.

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  • The DOB and FBI have already shown congress that they have no power over them, so who cares if he is yelling at them. Rosenstein made the point loud and clear by his snickering and laughing at them. Rosenstein shows us that he is is more powerful than all the branches of government combined.

  • Kenneth...You might also like to know that Muleface was head of the FBI ,and was the one who took the Uranium 1 sample to the Russians in the Ukraine for their approval on the TARMAC....mmmm...where have we heard that before...the liberals say if it worked once why not twice...Think he has a dog in the fight?...I would say he does...try TREASON

  • Thankfully, Mueller(BLESSED BE HIS NAME!) will finish up when he says, and since gowdy has balls-since he is not running for reelection, he can just run along now...

  • The Congress is going to miss Trey Gowdy. He seems to be the only person in that august body who routinely tells it like it is and straight from the shoulder. It's always refreshing to watch him at work. And of course he's right about this "investigation" which isn't really an investigation but a blatantly partisan attack on Trump whose presidency the Left regards as illegitimate. After all this time, they still have nothing, but they won't "finish it the hell up" because that would reveal the emptiness of the whole ridiculous farce. If Gowdy wasn't right that it's tearing the country apart, Mueller and his entire team of anti-Trump partisans would be a global laughingstock.

  • Can't present what you don't have.... Enough already, the ONLY wrong doing during the 2016 elections came directly from the Obamanation administration and it started when they ousted Bernie Sanders, who, was probably the REAL dumocratic nomination!!!

  • President Trump still has to issue a full pardon for Hillary Clinton.

  • Ueller must be making money from the with hunt which is why he's taking his sweet ass time with it. After a year and a half, they found what? NOTHING! He's probably getting money from Soros to drag it on & on & on & on, probably until the end of Trump's second term.

  • McCain, also as a reminder, is/was a (R) and also was directly responsible for Mueller's involvement. The investigation is Congress' responsibility and authority to terminate, as much regarding its unofficial origins surfaces. Sometimes the "Swamp Buggy" needs an overhaul . . . not far down the road as we see it. Trump IS "DUE PROCESS" . . . PERSONIFIED . . . !

    When 'it's the hell over' . . . the 'trials will have just begun and we will see a new 'Age Of Enlightenment' . . . !

    Semper Fi . . . !

  • Would like to remind everyone here that Muller is a Republican, not a Democrat, who will end the investigation when he is ready to end it and not before. It's called due process, something Trump does not believe in, especially if it makes him look bad.

    • What are you talking about? This is not due process when not one iota or shred of evidence has been presented showing collusion on Trumps part. Just a bunch of inuendo's. When there is no hard proof, even a sitting Judge will say wrap this up, you're wasting my time and the taxpayer's money. There hasn't been due process from day one, just a witch hunt. Not one indictment from Mueller's ream has anything to do with what Mueller was suppose to look into. When he couldn't find collusion then he went after money laundering, business transactions, etc. still no evidence against Trump. This circus has gone on long enough !!

    • Mueller is a Republican by name but hates the President. Due process is fine. How about a year and 1/2? Not enough? They have nothing because there is nothing. Once they state there is nothing someone has to pay for this charade. Clinton, Obama or whoever. We know it's not true, so who started it?


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