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Here Are My Top Five Movies To Watch During Thanksgiving — You Will Love Them!


As we prepare for another Thanksgiving Day, when family join together to celebrate another year to be thankful for so many things, I was feeling nostalgic. Remember back to the days of after finishing dinner and before afternoon football, you only had a few channels on your television to choose from?

While it seems archaic nowadays, the movies that were broadcast on Thanksgiving Day were so special to watch because it was the ONE time of the year that they were actually shown on TV, before videos, laser discs and well before DVDs. Here’s a list of my top 5 Classic Thanksgiving Day Movies.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


5. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – The late John Candy and Steve Martin really shined in this movie. This unlikely duo’s nearly failed attempt to return from a business trip in time for Thanksgiving dinner led to a likable stint of self-discovery. It had the laughs and it had it’s serious moments.  I will admit it took me a few times watching it to appreciate the storyline but it has a message in it for everyone!


4. Home for the Holidays – I particularly like this comedy for its gently redeeming conclusion. It’s a satisfying close to a storyline that finds Claudia Larson (played by Holly Hunter) who had lost her job, smooching the guy who used to be her boss and coping with a daughter who insists on spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend. As this extended family shows up for the turkey dinner, the antics step up a notch, which is why this movie made our list. It’s entertaining and has just the right feel for our Thanksgiving movie marathon.


3. Dutch – Actor Ed O’Neill (of ABC’s Modern Family and Married with Children) starred in this 1991 comedy about a construction worker’s attempt to stay firmly in his girlfriend’s good graces — by retrieving her preppy son from boarding school in time for Thanksgiving. They went through an adventure leaving point A trying to get to point B, but the laughter and life lessons made this a great story.


2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Although not a “movie,” this is a must in every household. It may not have always been broadcast ON Thanksgiving Day, but you can’t enjoy turkey and cranberry without adding the lovable Chuck to any list. You rooted every year for Charlie Brown to kick that football out of Lucy’s hands and every single year he missed.


1. Miracle on 34th Street (Original)  – Many think of this as a Christmas movie, but it actually started as “Kris Kringle” was hired to play Santa in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and turned out to be drunk. He complained to the event director and she hires him on the spot to take over the role for the remainder of the holiday season. The story was a touching one that ended with a warm smile and expanded your imagination. I loved this one so much!



Add your favorite top five movies below in our comment section as I will be checking throughout the week. Share this on your social media wall for your friends to read and discuss.