Top 10 Liberal Outrages of the Year

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Liberals are in a perpetual state of outrage and hypersensitivity – it must be exhausting! It sure is exhausting battling against every tiny thing they take umbrage to. But this was a banner year for hysterical overreactions to non-stories or stories based on lies – even for liberals. From Facebook posts to misreported crime, these stories went viral and took on a monstrous life of their own.

As 2014 comes to a close, here’s a look back at our top 10 most ridiculous liberal freakout story topics of the year:

10. Kendall Jones

Liberals Are Demanding These Hunting Pictures from Texas Cheerleader Be Removed

Facebook fans said the photos, which include dead elephants, lions, hippos, zebras, and other African safari animals are nothing more than indiscriminate killing of animals that should be protected. More than 49,000 people have already signed an online petition to have the pictures removed for “the sake of the animals.”


9. Elizabeth Lauten

WaPo Awards “Worst Week” In DC Award to Republican For Facebook Comments; Ignores Rapist

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post’s blog “The Fix” has picked Elizabeth Lauten as the person who had the worst week in Washington. Lauten of course, is the now former Republican Congressional staffer who posted an opinion about the Obama daughters on her personal Facebook page. For that crime, she has lost her job, had her personal information leaked, and we know more about her college writings than we do about President Obama’s.


8. The Duggars

Liberals Hate on Duggar Family for Christian Values, Call for Cancellation of “19 Kids and Counting”

The popular TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” has come under fire from LGBTQ activists upset about the Duggar family’s Christian values. One activist put up a petition on, titled “End LGBTQ fear mongering by the Duggars,” that has already received over 100,000 signatures.


Phil Robertson

7. Duck Dynasty

Reporter Asks Phil Robertson if He Is a ‘Homophobe’ – His Response Is the BEST EVER!

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson appeared on Good Morning America recently to promote his new book. But left-wing reporter Ryan Owens couldn’t help himself as introducing Phil as an anti-gay bigot. Owens reminded viewers of the Duck Dynasty star’s interview with GQ where he called homosexuality a sin. Owens asked “Would you consider yourself a homophobe?”



6. Bridgegate

Bill O’Reilly Exposes Liberal Media Bias in a Way They Will Have a Tough Time Defending

In a passionate monologue, he showed the clear and undeniable disparity between the media’s obsessive coverage of NJ Governor Chris Chistie’s “Bridgegate” scandal…. yet its virtual silence around the IRS scandals and the VA scandal.

Thankfully, with new media, the ability of the main stream media to keep the endless number of Obama scandals quiet is quite difficult. But major media outlets still have to be dragged kicking and screaming to mention anything negative about the terrorist swap in Guantanamo Bay, Benghazi, or the NSA scandals.



5. The Washington “Redskins”

New ESPN Poll Shows 71% of Viewers Support Keeping Redskins Team Name

The verdict is in: After years of liberal lecturing about the Washington Redskins’ “offensive” team name, the vast majority of the public just doesn’t care that much. A new ESPN poll found that 71 percent of viewers supported keeping the name, including 53 percent of liberals.



4. Gun Bans

Irony! Anti-Gun Group Pressures Kroger To Ban Guns; Days Later, Customer Shoots Robbers in Self-Defense

Second Amendment supporters spend a lot of time debunking ridiculous claims from the anti-gun lobby about how banning firearms will magically make us safe from crime, and that owning them for self-defense only contributes to the “epidemic” of gun violence. Anti-gun hysteric Sharon Watts recently launched a campaign against Kroger, trying to shame the grocery chain into banning guns.

Therefore, it’s almost too ironic that Watts’ crusade was immediately followed by two high-profile crimes at Kroger stores – only one of which involved a customer legally carrying a gun. Can you guess which story had the better outcome?


rolling stone

3. Rape at UVA

Journalists Praise Rolling Stone Story On Rape; Except It’s Not True

A Rolling Stone article detailed the story of a student named Jackie who was gang raped at a University of Virginia fraternity. The story gained worldwide attention. Without any evidence, the University took action by banning fraternities. Many journalists jumped on the bandwagon to report about the “culture of rape” on college campuses.

But, a big problem has emerged. With a little investigative work, the story has crumbled. Rolling Stone pushed the story without verifying its accuracy. More concerned about selling magazines and getting online traffic, Rolling Stone apparently had no concern for the truth or the lives the inaccurate reporting would destroy.



2. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Would “Love” To Stay Out of Women’s Birth Control Decisions

So what was this case really about? It was about forcing Hobby Lobby to pay for employees’ IUDs, when the employee could choose from a plethora of other contraceptives, go work somewhere else, or – gasp! – pay for it themselves. In the words of Hobby Lobby’s own lawyer, the company doesn’t know, or care, if an employee uses an IUD. They would love nothing more than to stay out of employee’s bedrooms completely. Hobby Lobby opponents are not only insisting that the company enter employees’ bedrooms (and doctor’s offices), but finance everything that goes on there.



1. Ferguson

Joe Scarborough Goes On Epic Rant About Media’s Politically Correct Ferguson Coverage

The liberal media has been aggressively promoting a narrative about righteously angry “protestors” in Ferguson, who are merely rebelling against “institutional racism” and evil, bigoted white cops who shot defenseless teen Michael Brown. 95% of America knows this portrayal is a crock. Therefore, we all owe thanks to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for finally telling it like it is: the “protestors” are rioters and their anger isn’t all that justified.

So, there you have it. The top 10 stories that made liberals go crazy in 2014. Which one do you think was the most ridiculously blown out of proportion? Join the discussion at the bottom of the page.

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