WaPo Awards “Worst Week” In DC Award to Republican For Facebook Comments; Ignores Rapist

Chris Cillizza¬†of the Washington Post’s blog “The Fix” has picked Elizabeth Lauten as the person who had the worst week in Washington. Lauten of course, is the now former Republican Congressional staffer who posted an opinion about the Obama daughters on her personal Facebook page. For that crime, she has lost her job, had her personal information leaked and we know more about her college writings than we do about President Obama’s.


Cillizza awarded this to Lauten by overlooking someone who committed violent crimes against women. Donny Ray Williams, Jr. was a staff director for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee working under the likes of Senator Mary Landreiu. This week, Williams also pleaded guilty to using drugs to rape women.

The mainstream media has turned an almost blind eye to the Democrat rapist. Cillizza continued this theme by overlooking an admitted rapist, instead saying Lauten was the worst Washington had to offer this week.

The press thinks a woman having a personal opinion on her personal Facebook page is more destructive and important to report than a man who drugged and raped women, as long as the opinionated woman is Republican and the rapist is a Democrat.

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