Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI.) attacked the anti-lockdown protestors in Lansing, calling them “a threat to people’s lives,” and blaming racism for their presence.

Tlaib: “Our Gun Laws Are So Broken”

A number of armed protestors have been continuing their recent rallies against the coronavirus lockdown in Lansing by moving into the Michigan Capitol, after Governor Whitmer extended the state of emergency.

While being peaceful, Democrats and leftists have been completely freaking out that people would dare exercise their First and Second Amendment rights at the same time. Representative Rashida Tlaib certainly got her knickers in a twist, sending off a series of tweets attacking the Lansing protestors.

“Black people get executed by police for just existing, while white people dressed like militia members carrying assault weapons are allowed to threaten State Legislators and staff,” Tlaib tweeted. “Our gun laws are so broken,” she added, ignoring that firearm legislation does not take into account the colour of somebody’s skin.

Sophia Nelson, a pundit at CNN, retweeted a video showing “armed white men” showing up at the Capitol in Lansing. Nelson wondered if “‘armed black, brown or Muslim’ men could storm a state capitol and live to tell about it.” Tlaib replied that “they would not have gotten away with this kind of intentional threat to people’s lives,” once again implying that the protestors were there to deliberately start violent conflict and attack people, rather than simply express a constitutional right.

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More Hyperbole And Panic From The Left!

You can’t expect anything else from these people. Just like the rest of The Squad, Tlaib makes everything about racism, sexism, and every other “ism” under the sun, especially when it’s not relevant to the matter at hand. Racism has nothing to do with the coronavirus lockdown, and people of all backgrounds have criticised the current orders. Tlaib is simply using the racism excuse to criticise the protestors! Tlaib and her ilk will continue to parrot nonsense about bigotry – perhaps it’s time we stopped listening to them!