Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was forced to rescind a contract awarded to a Democrat who wished President Donald Trump caught the coronavirus.

“I Hope He Gets Coronavirus ASAP”

Whitmer had awarded a contract for a contact-tracing project for coronavirus to Great Lakes Community Engagement, a firm run by Michael Kolehouse, a Democratic political consultant. The contract was worth $200,000 for an 8 week period, but despite the cost, the Whitmer administration has admitted that the usual protocols for selecting contracts were not followed.

This already stunk of corruption and nepotism, with Democrats handing lucrative contracts to Democrats, but the story only gets worse from there. Kolehouse had actually posted on social media in March wishing that President Trump caught the coronavirus.

“I hope he gets Coronavirus ASAP. Can someone do the country a favor and cough on that man,” Kolehouse wrote.

“This contract should have been approved by the State Emergency Operations Center,” a spokesman for Whitmer told Fox News. “This issue is being corrected, and a different vendor and software platform will be selected by the SEOC. The state is committed to ensuring this important tracing work can begin quickly to help save lives, while also ensuring that public health data is safe and secure.”

However, the firm had already been working on the project for the last three weeks before the public announcement.

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The Whitmer Admin Needs Investigating!

This is absolutely disgraceful behavior from Whitmer. But, do we expect anything less? Only last week she was caught on record saying that she was considering extending lockdown procedures in Michigan, after a number of people had protested against the measures. She called the actions of the protesters “irresponsible,” despite almost all of them following social distancing guidelines by staying within their vehicles.

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There now needs to be a serious investigation into how these contracts are awarded, and what the Whitmer administration is doing in general. If this is only what we know about, who knows what corruption is going on within!