Tlaib: Kids Know Better on Climate Change

Rashida Tlaib

Representative Rashida Tlaib told a Bernie Sanders environmental rally that she sometimes wished kids were the ones directing climate change policy.

“Mom, We Only Have Until 2030!”

Tlaib told the crowd that she considers Adam, one of her two sons, to be one of her policy advisors, especially on the topic of climate change.

“I’m not joking! You know as a person he’s like ‘I’m so tired mom, of people saying capitalism is socialism – why not peopleism?'” she said.

Tlaib recalled a meeting she had with Maxine Waters and two other colleagues where they discussed how to push an amendment to stop investment in fossil fuels, when Adam came up to her.

“He whispers to me, ‘mom can I have a piece of paper?’ I give him this piece of paper and he sometimes likes to sketch. So I’m thinking, oh he’s drawing over there. Before that meeting ended he handed me the piece of paper, and he said ‘mom you gotta tell them. We only have until 2030,'” she said.

Tlaib began to tear up, and continued. “He was giving me these talking points, and at the end of the meeting I shared it with chairwoman Waters and my colleagues, and she just smiled. I thought to myself, God, if we could just clear the room and sometimes put kids in the room.”

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Kids Know Nothing About Climate Change

Tlaib is completely wrong, as always. The only reason why she wants children in charge is because many in the younger generation have been totally brainwashed by the public school system. Across the western world, they think that we’ll all be dead in the next 10 years, and that Greta Thunberg is a visionary!

It simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if man was having a significant impact on the environment, what could the government do about it? India and China are polluting the living daylights out of their part of the world – if climate activists were serious, they’d advocate some insane level of action against them, since we’re clearly going to die if they’re not stopped.

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These people are simply liars and charlatans, who distract from serious environmental problems, like the fact that recycling plastic just goes straight to the oceans in third world countries, or that wind turbines are killing thousands of endangered birds. The “greenies” are the ones who are wrecking the planet, not us!

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