Tlaib: “Tear Down Walls in Mexico and Palestine”

Representative Rashida Tlaib said at a CAIR event on the US-Mexico border that she works hard to “tear down walls” in Mexico and in Palestine.

Tlaib: “I Work on Your Behalf to Tear Down Walls”

Speaking at an inter-faith prayer event organized by the Council of American Islamic Relations, an organisation that the UAE labelled as a terrorist group, Tlaib said that she “feels the incredible emotions” at the border wall.

“As I came through Baja California and to this wall, all I could think about was my dear grandmother in Palestine. This is the same president that separated me from her and they’re doing it to so many of my incredible neighbours,” Tlaib said.

“I’m proud to serve the United States Congress, not only as a woman that grew up in the most beautiful, blackest city in the country, the city of Detroit, but also a proud Palestinian-American, the child of Palestinian immigrants. And I want you to know that I work really, really hard on your behalf to tear down not only walls in Palestine, but here walls in Mexico,” she continued. The event ended with the Islamic call to prayer – “Allahu Akhbar.”

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“We Have Created A Nightmare”

In an interview with Now This, the far-left media organization, she said that “putting a wall up is not doing anything but causing pain for so many families.”

“It’s really important to connect all these movements, to understand that walls create suffering,” she added. “It creates so much pain for so many families and children… Instead of focusing on the American Dream, we have created a nightmare for so many families.”

Dustin Craun, from CAIR San Diego, and the founder of Border Mosque, agreed with Tlaib.

“We just want people to remember that these walls are inhuman. They are against our faith traditions, and that our faiths believe in bringing people together,” he told Now This. “It’s not about disunity… Nothing in any of our faiths talk about dividing families… We’re here to connect our hearts, and to remind all of us that we belong together, that we all belong together as humans and as families.”

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Walls Work!

Once again, Tlaib is playing into the hands of those who want to destroy America. Borders and walls are not immoral, but are the exact opposite – they protect this country from those who wish to do it harm.

It is also not surprising that CAIR tries to play into the hand of “religious” hippy-dippy citizens, who think that because Christ taught us to “love thy neighbour,” that the whole world must be allowed to flood into this great nation. Did the Lord not create all the nations and creeds of the world?

“Diversity” is another excuse anti-border activists use, but a truly diverse world is the one we have now – not one where every country is an identikit model of people, brands, and language! Given that Tlaib is working to “tear down walls,” so those of us who do not have her twisted morality will have to work even harder to keep them standing.

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