‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Announces She’s Battling Cancer Again

Suzanne Somers
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The Hollywood icon Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” fame has tragically announced that she is battling breast cancer for the second time.


Somers Announces She’s Battling Cancer

People Magazine reported that Somers, 76, was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2000, and she was recently given the sad news that it has returned.

“As you know, I had breast cancer two decades ago, and every now and then it pops up again, and I continue to bat it down,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have used the best alternative and conventional treatments to combat it. This is not new territory for me. I know how to put on my battle gear and I’m a fighter.”

Somers wrote this alongside a photo of herself and her husband Alan Hamel, who she’s been married to for 46 years.

“Alan has been by my side every step of the way. I can’t even explain how much he has done for me. If it’s even possible, we are even closer than ever,” Somers continued. “My incredible family has been so supportive, and have helped so much by keeping the business running so you can still have access to all the wonderful products. Thank you for the continued love and support. It’s only about who you love and who loves you – and I love you!”


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Somers Further Opens Up About Cancer Battles

Somers further opened up about her cancer battle in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that she also fought skin cancer when she was in her 20s.

“I have been living with cancer since my 20’s. And every time that little f***** pops up, I continue to bat it back. I do my best not to let this insidious disease control me,” she explained. “It’s a recurrence of my breast cancer. Like any cancer patient, when you get that’s dreaded, ‘It’s back’ you get a pit in your stomach. Then I put on my battle gear and go to war. This is familiar battleground for me and I’m very tough.”

Hamel discussed his wife’s cancer battle in a separate interview.

“Suzanne has lived with cancer all her life,” he told Page Six. “In her 20s, she’d also dealt with two hyperplasia … which is the waiting room for cancer.”

“She has now dealt with her cancer once again,” he continued. “On June 6, she got an all-clear, but cancer is tricky and we will now closely monitor everything going forward.”

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Somers Praised Trump – Bashed Obama

Somers has long been known to be one of the only stars in Hollywood who hasn’t been afraid to think for herself when it comes to politics. Back in 2018, she had the guts to publicly praise the then-President Donald Trump.

“I’m happy about him,” she told TMZ of Trump after his first year in office. “I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better.”

Somers went on to admit that it was “very rare” for anyone to praise Trump in the liberal world of Hollywood.

“And now my career is over!” she added with a laugh.

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Somers also was not afraid to publicly bash Obama during his presidency despite the fact that the liberal elites of Hollywood worshipped the ground he walked on.

“This has been the most divisive of all the administrations that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime,” she told Fox Business in 2014. “And it’s become divisive in the industry that if you’re not part of the group, you should probably keep your thoughts to yourself.”

It’s devastating to hear that Somers is battling cancer once again. We can only hope that she really is cancer-free at the moment, and that it does not return another time so that she can finally move on with her life.

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