Being a Republican in Hollywood has always been tough, but according to actress Suzanne Somers, coming out in support of President Donald Trump in Hollywood is akin to committing career suicide.

Somers, who looks phenomenal at age 71, made the comments to TMZ in West Hollywood over the weekend. A reporter initially asked her what she thought about the government shutdown, to which Somers replied that politicians need to get their stuff together before going on to praise Trump’s performance with the economy. “I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better,” she said. “And now my career is over.”

Somers said that it was “very rare” for someone in Los Angeles to come out in support of Trump, but the reporter said he believes there are people who have Somers’s back. Indeed, many people did show support for Somers on Twitter.

Unfortunately, many liberals on Twitter proved Somers exactly right by joking that her career was long over even before she came out in support of Trump.

How classy.

Kudos to Suzanne Somers for speaking her honest opinion – something that everyone should be allowed to do without fear of repercussion.

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