Fox News Suspends Guest Thomas McInerney After Comments About John McCain’s Torture

This was out of line. And Fox News knew it.

The conservative network has suspended military analyst Thomas McInerney after his comments about Senator John McCain and the torture he endured during the Vietnam War as a prisoner of war.

John McCain caused a stir opposing President Trump’s nominee to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, citing the candidate’s history “overseeing the use of torture.”

McCain’s opposition, while principled due to his experience as a POW, is off. Gina Haspel may not have actually overseen w the torture program at a secret Thailand prison. The original report alleging Haspel’s involvement has been partially retracted.

Regardless, McCain remains a steadfast opponent of using torture on military detainees. His opposition did not please many conservatives, however. That’s when Thomas McInerney went on Fox News to defend torture, citing McCain’s own experience that it worked. Take a look:

Now, despite what you may think about torture, those kinds of comments are inappropriate. McCain is practically on his deathbed. There’s no need to rub his face in the horrors he endured in Vietnam.

That’s why Fox took action and suspended McInerney.

From Mediaite:

A spokesperson for Fox News said they have banished the guest who said torture “worked” on Sen. John McCain, calling him a “songbird” for his five years spent a prisoner of war in Vietnam.


As for McInerney, who has a history of making controversial comments (he’s a birther), network representatives said they won’t be booking him on Fox News or Fox Business ever again.

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