Fox News military analyst Thomas McInerney disputed assertions made by Senator John McCain that torture doesn’t work, saying “it worked on (him)” and “that’s why they call him ‘Songbird John.'”

The shocking statements came in the midst of a discussion on McCain opposing President Trump’s CIA director nominee, Gina Haspel.

The senator opposes Haspel’s nomination based on her involvement in an enhanced interrogation program – a necessity to combat global terrorism – during the Bush administration.

“Her role in overseeing the use of torture is disturbing and her refusal to acknowledge torture’s immorality is disqualifying,” McCain said.

McInerney pointed out that torture is illegal as determined by Congress, so Haspel wouldn’t be able to implement the program again regardless.

But he did want McCain to know that it works. And he had a specific illustration in mind.

“Well, she can’t use it [torture] anymore because we have determined in Congress that it’s not legal,” McInerney told Fox Business host Charles Payne. “The fact is, is John McCain, it worked on John. That’s why they call him ‘Songbird John.'”

Reaction on social media was swift …

According to The Hill, McCain “falsely confessed to crimes after being tortured for multiple days and having his ribs broken in a North Vietnamese prison during the Vietnam War.”

McInerney also said that he agreed with former Vice President Dick Cheney that these enhanced interrogation programs work and should be started up again.

“The fact is those methods can work, and they are effective, as former Vice President Cheney said,” McInerney finished. “And if we have to use them to save a million American lives, we will do whatever we have to.”

Cheney said the programs should be continued.

“I’d have them active and ready to go, and I’d go back and study them and learn,” he said on the same network.

Was this analyst right to make such comments about John McCain? Tell us your thoughts below!

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