Thomas Massie Shares Advice From Justice Scalia On How To ‘Fix’ Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Texas

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) shared some advice he received from the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that he believes would be relevant to the recent ruling against Texas trying to block illegal immigrants from crossing the border.
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Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) shared some advice that he received from the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that he believes would be relevant to the recent ruling against Texas trying to block illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

On Monday, in a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court granted an emergency request filed by the Joe Biden administration arguing that Texas was preventing federal agents from carrying out their duties. The ruling allows federal agents to cut through or remove razor wire that had been installed at the southern border.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing of the court on the matter. Barrett, a Trump appointee, is a surprising revelation while Roberts, who has made a career of abandoning his principles and voting intentionally with the liberal wing of the Court as a means to convey an image of fairness, is not.

According to Massie, during a breakfast at the Capitol Hill Club, Justice Scalia once told a group of lawmakers that there was a way Congress could fix things they don’t like by using the power of the purse.

“You know who could fix this – literally overrule the Supreme Court and the White House on the Texas v Biden dispute?” Massie wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Congress.”

“In fact, it was explained to a group of us by Justice Scalia during breakfast at the Capitol Hill Club,” he continued. “He told us to quit funding things we don’t like.”

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Massie Urges Congress To ‘Fix’ Supreme Court Ruling Against Texas, Cites Justice Scalia

This advice from Massie and Scalia, the conservative legal icon, highlights the importance of Congress exercising its power of the purse to control the actions of the executive branch.

By choosing not to fund certain initiatives or programs, Congress can effectively prevent the government from pursuing policies that do not align with the will of the people.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) responded to Massie’s post by suggesting that they’d been advising Republican colleagues of the same method of shaping the direction of the country, adding, “1000x this.”

Massie, responding to an X user who seemed shocked that he had shared a breakfast with Scalia, revealed that there were numerous members of Congress there with him.

“It was quite an honor,” he replied. “There were about 12 to 18 members of Congress there. He basically told them to quit complaining and start defunding.”

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Roberts’ Shameful Legacy

It’s difficult to ascertain just what Barrett may have been thinking with her ruling, since none of the justices provided an explanation for their 5-4 vote.

But, as long as Roberts continues to serve as Chief Justice, things conservatives think will go their way regarding the nation’s court will always be rather tenuous. Think the 14th Amendment arguments are an automatic win for Trump? Think again.

The deciding vote in the Supreme Court ruling against Texas was cast by Justice Roberts.

Roberts’ lone goal since he was appointed by President George W. Bush has been to create a legacy of a court not guided by law but rather, swayed by public perception. He wants you to believe the Court is fair and intentionally rules against proper legal interpretations in order to side with the left to create that faux image.

In June of 2020, Roberts cast the deciding vote, joining the court’s liberal justices in a 5-4 decision that ruled against the Trump administration’s bid to end the DACA program, despite it having clearly been implemented illegally.

That same year, he sided with the liberal court justices when he ruled in favor of coronavirus restrictions on religious services in the state of California. He ruled alongside liberals yet again in a ruling that struck down a Louisiana abortion safety law.

There are so many other cases in which Roberts abandoned the rule of law to cast his lot with the left just to seem impartial that it would be impossible to document in one column.

The Biden administration has spent more time, effort, and resources in trying to prevent states from protecting their borders than they have in protecting Americans from the ongoing invasion.

The administration has been actively engaged in legal actions against states like Texas and Arizona, which have been implementing their own border security measures. Arizona, you may recall, created a makeshift border wall out of shipping containers. The White House took them to court and forced them to take the wall down.

And now, the razor wire will be removed. It’s like a prison trying to find ways to keep prisoners within their confines only to have the administration force them to remove walls and barbwire, effectively freeing all of the criminals.

These lawsuits have been aimed at stopping these states from taking unilateral actions that the Biden administration believes are unlawful and interfere with federal immigration policies.

The Supreme Court just handed them a significant victory.

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