This Hero Soldier Saved Lives in El Paso Thanks to His Training and Carry-Conceal Weapon

Many news outlets will report the name of the racist terrorist who took the lives of 20 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas on Saturday.

But we should instead honor a different name: Glendon Oakley, Jr.

22-year-old Oakley is an Army automated logistics specialist who was shopping inside the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso when all of a sudden a young child ran into the store saying there was an active shooter at the Walmart nearby.

“The guy at the register and I sort of looked at each other,” Oakley told Task & Purpose. “He’s a little kid … are you going to believe him?”

Obviously the child was telling the truth. At least 20 people were killed and others were wounded when a man began shooting at the Walmart.

‘That’s What You Do. You Pull Your Gun…’

Oakley left the sporting good store he was in and went to a nearby Footlocker. There, he finally heard the gunfire and pulled out his the Glock 9mm he carried thanks to Texas’s concealed carry laws.

Oakley, who just returned from a deployment to Kuwait, explained to Task & Purpose, “That’s what you do. You pull your gun, you find cover, and you figure out what to do next.”

He grew up in a military family and after having a rough time at a young age, Oakley decided to enlist in the Army.


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“Even though my parents were in the Army, nobody would give me the time of day,” he said. “There was one recruiter who didn’t give up on me. For two years, he didn’t give up.”

‘I Didn’t Even Think’

Before finding himself in the middle of Saturday’s tragic shooting, Oakley had been home from Kuwait for about four months. When some mall employees brought down the store’s metal security gate, they ran for the exits and Oakley followed, protecting them.

That’s when his group found a group of children in the mall’s play area, crying for their parents. Oakley said he tried to get bystanders to help, but they all ran away.

“I didn’t even think. I just grabbed as many kids as I could and ran five stores down to the exit,” Oakley said. “We got there and ran into a whole batch of police pointing their guns at us. I wasn’t focused on myself, and I wasn’t focused on my surroundings … I was just focused on those kids.”

Oakley admitted that despite his training, he was “scared for my life.”

‘What if That Was My Child?’

“I heard four kids died,” he said. “I wish I could have gotten more kids out of there. I wish those guys who ran would have stayed … I just think, what if that was my child? How would I want some other man to react?”

Thank you, Glendon Oakley, Jr. You are a true hero and this country could use more like you, especially in such dark  and tragic times.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • And you choose to ignore the obvious. This guy wasn't even in the Walmart, and yes he DID run out of the mall, with the kid(s).

    The article says, [When some mall employees brought down the store’s metal security gate, they ran for the exits and Oakley followed, protecting them.That’s when his group found a group of children in the mall’s play area, crying for their parents. Oakley said he tried to get bystanders to help, but they all ran away.
    “I didn’t even think. I just grabbed as many kids as I could and ran five stores down to the exit,” Oakley said.]

    Maybe if you fools would actually read what happened instead of immediately forming an opinion - so ask yourself, why weren't any of the other people in the group he was with lauded as being heroes????? You just don't get what the media is doing!

  • And just like our liberal media, you confuse facts with fiction. I did not call you stupid. I said clearly that your opinion is stupid. But, why would facts matter to you. It clearly shows in the video that people like me would be arrested for simply not turning in my AR that sits in my closet. I have it more out of nostalgia, just like my Beretta side arm I carried while serving. If he was president, he says he would not only outlaw my rifle, but prosecute me for not surrendering to his seizure.
    What's next on your list, my Beretta holds 17 rounds, and the magazine can be dropped and reloaded in seconds, is that next on your list, I mean it's black and scary looking just like an AR!
    A Glock 17 has the ability to fire at rates of up to 1,200 rounds per minute. In addition to seventeen round magazines, Glock also manufactures thirty-three- round magazines that fit in the magazine well of most nine-millimeter Glocks, THAT'S MORE ROUNDS THAN THE STANDARD AR-15!
    And again, law abiding citizens around this country own Glocks , AR's and even tanks, and you were not even aware of it, they impose no danger to you. But, because you don't agree, there either "some nut case or some fanatical group" to you.
    Actually, the majority are wealthy well to do history buffs who maintain these items from our history, but you prejudge.

  • Why do you feel the need to turn this into a “race issue”? The fact that he is black has absolutely nothing to do with this—- NOTHING!!! He comforted a young boy & didn’t run out of the mall - turning his back on a frightened child.
    I could care less if he’s black, white, green or pink w/ purple polka dots.
    Your comment is why this country is so divided! Shame on you!

  • Again, the guy only wants to prosecute those not turning in assault rifles, not every kind of rifle, so you didn't call out anything except once again misrepresent what was actually said in the video. Great, so some nut case or some fanatical group can actually own an operational tank. Just because there's a law that allows it, doesn't mean it should be. Just another law that needs to be changed. I noticed you resorted to name calling me "stupid," since I was only voicing my opinion. It doesn't make this anymore of a "great country" by doing that, but you have that "inalienable right" to do so, that I do believe in, because my take on that is "assault rifles and tanks may break my bones (and possible kill hundreds of people in mere seconds), but words will never hurt me.

  • So long as leftists tie government's hands from interviewing people with suspected mental issues and restricting THEIR rights through due process of law, they can continue to claim that "guns are the problem."

    They are not. Leftists are the problem.

  • "Ur completely unaware gun violence killed 21 people."

    Apart from your poor grammar, of course nobody is aware that gun violence killed 21 people. That is because no gun ever committed an act of violence at any time in history, nor is it likely to.

    People go crazy. That is why honest citizens need to be armed at all times. Gun control laws have never been effective at reducing violence, only at making more people victims. A vote for gun control is a vote for violent criminals.

  • Rubbish. He wouldn't have dared go into the building to rescue the children had he not posessed the means to protect himself. DIRECT bearing on the situation. Perhaps you should have focused a bit more in English classes in grade school - you know, that whole part about "reading comprehension."

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