This Deadly Scene Shows Depriving Us of Our Right to Bear Arms Won’t Stop Felons


A recent police shooting proves that gun control doesn’t work as intended. Rather than protecting the public, gun control gives people an illusion of safety while turning them into potential victims. Criminals don’t follow laws. Gun control legislation doesn’t prevent bad people from having guns. They have no regard for the law and will not follow it. This can turn law abiding citizens, and in this recent case a police officer, into targets.

Police in Carrollton, Georgia received a call that a man at a bank had a firearm in a holster. A police officer quickly located Kenneth Joel Dothard’s car and stopped him. Dothard admitted to having a gun but was simply at the ATM. He also claimed that he was unaware that he needed a permit to carry a handgun.

In the police surveillance video, the conversation remained calm until about the seven-minute mark when Carrollton Police Cpl. Chad Cook discovered Dothard was a felon and called for backup. Dothard suddenly became agitated and reached for his gun. The officer warned the felon that if he didn’t remove his hand from the gun he would be shot.

“The questions I’m asking you, you’re making me feel like you know you shouldn’t have this gun on you,” Cook said to Dothard. “I was in the military. Don’t take that gun out. Do not take that gun out. Don’t touch me. Don’t take that gun out.”

The situation escalated and Dothard was shot twice in the head.

A WSB reporter presented the police surveillance audio to Dothard’s uncle, Jim Dothard, who believed his nephew was killed unnecessarily. “After hearing that it makes us feel like he was just murdered.” The audio seems to tell a different story than the uncle’s assessment.

This situation highlights the main problem with gun control. Criminals do not follow the law which turn unarmed law abiding citizens into victims. Dothard was not permitted to carry a gun, but he did so anyhow, jeopardizing the public and in this particular case, the police officer.

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