Our side realizes the cost of violence, abhors it, and will only use it when necessary. We’re close, but not quite there yet.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who told me in no uncertain terms that “I don’t think the majority of people in America will stand up to the mob. A few will be branded traitors and hunted down by the police who we want to protect.

The majority of people do not see what we see. They are dumbed down and have been drinking at the propaganda trough for too long. We live in and the upside-down world now and to triumph, we’ll need to accept that people will call us traitors until they realize we are the real heroes.”

That way of thinking was eye-opening to me. If there’s an insurrection by the idiots, then by Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, every Democrat automatically ceases to hold public office and is precluded from membership of the Electoral College.

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Once things begin to spiral out of control, leaders on our side will emerge. By then, it will be too late for the FBI or anyone else to “whack-a-mole” our side or leadership.

When crap hits the fan, leftists who try to use lawfare to go after people defending their homes, families, and country will find themselves in dire situations and predicaments. Anyone complicit with domestic enemies will be on the list also.

And they don’t have the slightest clue what being “canceled” is when they start getting violent. Right now, it’s the statues. Soon it will be flesh and blood white people, and then it’s on. The worst thing is, the evil people pulling strings are pitting blacks against America in a death struggle.

If it comes to a shooting war, most of these spitball creating anarchists will find themselves erased buckwheats, blowing in the wind, or booted out of the country unless they can show an unbroken track record of loyalty to the flag (no kneeling), to the Constitution (no bearing arms against the republic), and the laws (no violence, vandalism or looting, no incitement online or in-person).


We must never, NEVER go out and attack. No riots on our part. We lose all authority if we do anything but defend ourselves, our right to free in-person elections, and our right to demand our laws be enforced.

This conflict is an Alinskyite effort to bait us into betraying our ideals, dissolving the entire idea of a constitutional republic in a mass of murder and mayhem. Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo have already pumped up their armies by releasing criminals on the streets and trying to lock up law-abiding people who run afoul of their security theater games.

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Keep your Tea Party groups going and assign defense of your home and neighborhood. Get your ham radios running because the internet is about to go dark. This is going to be far more intense than people realize.


Keep score now. Identify all the key left-wingers in your town and get eyes on them. We are looking at treason on a large scale.

It horrifies me to think of firing a gun in anger; that is not my history, my style, nor my preference. To this point, I have lived a long life and a good one, and I would never jeopardize that unless forced, but increasingly it looks like it may come to that.

American gun owners could stop EVERY riot in the Nation within minutes. All that most of us are waiting for is a trusted leader to give the word. If it comes, I, for one am ready.

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Good people in every town should begin to associate to form a plan of action in the event Antifa/BLM begins operations in their area. We have started to do this in our area. Men and women of functional character-forming associations to fight back if the time comes. Keep your heads down and begin preparations.

It reminds me of the biblical book of Esther. We have been sold to death and looting, but there are a few good ones in our gov’t that can unleash us on our enemies when the time is right. It is getting very close to the right time.