The Fed’s Latest Attempt to Spy on You


A Colorado Post Office was caught using a hidden camera that was positioned to track and record people’s faces and license plates as they exited the parking lot. Only an hour after Chris Halsne of Fox 31 in Denver started asking questions, the camera was ripped from the ground.

Managers inside the post office stated they were unaware of the cameras and they were not part of building security. The TV Station has submitted multiple Freedom of Information Act Requests with the Postal Service, Postal Inspection Service, and Office of the Inspector General to seek information on the cost of the cameras and purpose of the cameras. The requests proved worthless.

None of the agencies could provide a written data retention policy, which would detail how long USPIS could keep the images agents have been collecting from the Golden post office camera and other cameras around the Denver area. Similarly, there does not appear to be a policy regarding in what circumstances other federal agencies may have access to the personal information gathered from the cameras.

The Post Office previously admitted in a Congressional hearing that it is recording and tracking addresses on billions of pieces of mail. This latest report on cameras at a Post Office, highlight an issue with privacy being eroded. Why do you think the Post Office is monitoring and possibly recording this information?  

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