The Democrats Definitely Need A Savior, But Hillary Clinton Isn’t The Answer

The Democrats most definitely do need a savior, but there are none on the horizon, and certainly not Hillary Clinton.

I would have thought she had brought enough embarrassment to the Democratic Party during and after the 2016 election that someone over there would advise her to keep quiet and out of sight until after the election. Then again, that would require that someone, anyone, in the DNC have some common sense.

Why Hillary Lost

In the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton lost for two reasons.

First, there were a lot of voters who didn’t like her as a candidate. Even though the media claims she won the popular vote, which is the biggest lie they’ve ever reported after an election. Second, Democrats were so sure she would win that they didn’t turn out to vote for her in the needed numbers.

Hillary Claims ‘Many, Many, Many People’ Have Urged Her To Enter 2020 Race

The second reason can easily be changed in 2020; the first reason remains. Clinton is not the right Democratic candidate. That hasn’t changed. The worst thing she could do to the Democrats is run for president.

Now, the Clintons are trying to engineer her return as the angel out of the darkness. There is no Democrat running, at this point, who could beat Trump, not because of Trump, but because they will beat themselves. They each only appeal to a niche group, one that isn’t large enough to carry an election if the Democrats don’t want a replay of 16, which is what will happen if Hillary is allowed to hijack the party at this point.


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About this Savior thing. How about returning to God and then fixing things with the many Americans you have promised but not fulfilled their expectations. I know the Dems won’t return to God. Sure, you can pray for them, but they have turned over their souls. If I were a priest, I would have given that party “last rites” already. They don’t stand with or for the people, but then again, most politicians are that way.

Democrats Have Already Decided Trump is Guilty, They Just Need To Find Something To Make Him So

Bypassing Campaign Donation Limits

Did you know the Stop Hillary PAC, filed a complaint with the FEC in December 2017 stating that Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) solicited cash from big-name donors, and sent that money through state chapters and back to the Democratic National Committee before being laundered to the Clinton campaign? They laundered $84 million to bypass campaign donation limits, which is against federal election law.

It has always been amazing to me how the Democrats never, ever leave the stage. Gore, Kerry, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Jimmy Carter, the Obamas, my bell, and all the news media like Dan Rather. The reality is that most of them have nothing else to do. At least Jimmy Carter has dedicated his life to helping other people. The collection of human debris that is the rest of the Democrats keep coming back to steal whatever power and influence is available.

Who Really Wants Hillary

The only people who want Hillary Clinton to run again are Democratic party insiders who are terrified of the direction the party is currently headed. The people who vote for these things generally want no part of her.

But who are we to stop the Democrats from once again, losing out on the big prize? Hillary, the gift that keeps on giving — to the Republican Party.


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