Democrats Have Already Decided Trump is Guilty, They Just Need To Find Something To Make Him So

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed on publicly to the Democrats holding impeachment inquiry hearings, calling witnesses, and investigating whether or not they would go through the process of impeaching President Donald Trump.

On Friday, Politico ran a story claiming that unsettled House Democrats want Pelosi to hold a vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry instead of just standing in front of a mic and speaking the words.

What the Democrats are doing right now is wasting time. They are not looking at proceeding further because it will be the final nail in their political coffin, and Pelosi knows this.

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President Donald Trump and his allies on Capitol Hill have hammered Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not holding a vote authorizing the House’s impeachment proceedings — arguing that without a vote, the entire process is illegitimate.

Pelosi has refused to cave, dismissing Trump’s demand last week and insisting it is not required under the Constitution or House rules. And allies close to the speaker say her position hasn’t changed, describing the idea as the latest “Republican canard” in a series of stall tactics the GOP will employ to protect Trump.

“It is one act after another of obstruction of justice by the White House, by the State Department, and by the attorney general. And I say, give them more rope to hang themselves,” Rep. Harley Rouda (D-Calif.), who flipped his conservative Orange County district in 2018, said in an interview. [Politico]

Democrats have already decided Trump is guilty, they just need to find something he’s guilty of. That’s about the size of it.

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The last vote on impeachment had 137 Democrats voting against it. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clones are now running against them in their respective primaries. That’s right; all the Democrat leaders are also being primaried.

Yet some Democratic lawmakers and aides have begun to say privately — and, to a lesser extent, publicly — that the House should just vote to formalize the inquiry, robbing the GOP of its main talking point.

The debate is threatening to cleave Democrats’ unified front as the White House makes the arcane procedural arguments the centerpiece of its impeachment defense. [Politico]

If Pelosi could get 218 of her caucus to vote to start the impeachment process, she would have dragged them by their hair back to Washington weeks ago and held an immediate vote. Since that did not happen, she probably still has over a hundred that yet will not support impeachment.


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Even President Trump weighed in on the issue, claiming that AOC had taken over the speakership role from Pelosi. The entire nation is watching the split and fragile Democratic Party. Money has been pouring to defend AOC, Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley and their continued takeover of the old guard. The new progressives are taking down the old school Democrats like Joe Biden and Pelosi. They will be replaced with hard-left socialists before it’s all over.

In this country, if you commit a crime, there will be an ensuing investigation. The Democrats think it is OK to launch an investigation, multiple investigations, in search of a crime.

What happened to justice?

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Congress has done nothing for the American people in three years! Is impeachment scare tactics against Trump all they have? Can anyone name one single accomplishment from the Democrat Party in three years? One?

What is worth reading is the actual transcript of the call. Why has the media not printed it and discussed it? It is because there is nothing there. The Ukraine president twice stated that Trump did not ask for a favor. More one-sided bogus from our trusted media. This is the first time an inquiry was moving forward with no vote.

Not one mention of the fact Trump was going after corruption in DC.

Until the entire House votes on this, it’s only Pelosi and Adam Schiff. The House is more than just the Speaker. It is more than just the Democrats. The only reason Pelosi does not bring it up for a vote is that then the Republicans would also be able to issue subpoenas to witnesses.

This is not the House. It’s the Democrats.