The Democrat Challenging GOP Leader Elise Stefanik Registered To Vote In District Just Two Weeks Before Running

Fox News reported on Thursday that the Democratic challenger to newly-minted House Republican Conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik only registered to vote in his New York congressional district a mere two weeks before announcing his campaign.

In other words, Stefanik’s Democrat challenger didn’t even bother to electorally engage with the very people he wants to represent until the last minute. Not a good look, to say the least.

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Stefanik Campaign Spokesman Calls Putorti A ‘Far-Left New York City Lawyer’

Fox News reported, “Stefanik — who took the number three GOP spot in the House from Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. earlier this year — may be going up against Democrat Matt Putorti in New York’s 21st Congressional District next November.”

“He is not only an attorney barred in New York City, but he registered to vote in the district he is seeking to represent just two weeks before announcing his run,” Fox News noted.

Stefanik’s campaign spokesman Alex DeGrasse told Fox News, “Voters in Upstate New York are smart. They will see this candidate for exactly who he is: A Far-Left New York City lawyer who supports Socialist squad policies like defunding the police, trillions in new taxes, and banning guns.”

Putorti Accused Stefanik Of Spreading Lies About Him

“North Country Republicans, Democrats, and Independents will never vote for this radical Socialist candidate,” DeGrasse said in a separate statement. 

Federal Election Commission records show that Putorti has backed far-left Democrat candidates like Reps. Mondaire Jones and Ritchie Torres, who have supported defunding the police.

According to DeGrasse, voters will soon learn that Putorti also donated to socialist “Squad” members in Congress.  

Putorti has accused Stefanik of spreading lies about him, tweeting on Monday, “This morning at 8:35 am I tweeted my intention to run for Congress against Elise Stefanik. By 8:37 am she was already lying about me. Within two minutes!”

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DeGrasse said Thursday,  “The Stefanik campaign will continue to make sure voters know the choice next November between real results for the North Country versus another Far-Left Socialist who will be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Andrew Cuomo’s failed policies.” 

The Putorti responded to DeGrasse in a statement of their own.   

“It says a lot that Elise Stefanik is so terrified of a challenger that she immediately resorted to outright distortions of who Matt is and why he is running,” Putorti’s camp replied.


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  • Now, I'd like to know why my comment was being "reviewed" for the past 2 days when there isn't one single word in there that isn't historically accurate and truthful.

  • The official term for a democrat that pulls this stunt is CARPETBAGGER. It's been around since after the Civil War when the democrats moved into the south and bilked the newly freed slaves or their "40 acres and a mule".

  • I said, roughly the same thing and have been censored. So, it seems, carpet person (singular) is a trigger.

  • Most successful trip in the 21st Century...for whom, not the USA. This was an example of a successful trip for Putin. He has an old fart in the Presidency that has no idea of what is going on, so much so his wife has to lead him by the hand. Come on Joe.. and he trundles off not know where he is going. He is the worst President since barry!

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