The Joe Biden campaign has been keeping vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris out of the public eye and voters need to ask themselves ‘why’?

There is a myriad of reasons why the campaign would want to keep Biden under wraps – to conceal his rapidly diminishing mental acuity, to hide the policy flip-flops, and to cover-up the reality that he is simply a puppet of the extreme left.

But Harris is a different story. She earned a historic nomination as the first woman of color officially nominated to a major party’s presidential ticket.

Democrats should be celebrating her as a symbol of their diversity. Instead, we get this … a refusal to take questions from a black business owner in the swing state of Wisconsin.

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Not Very Popular

Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, offers up several explanations as to why Kamala may be being kept in the basement like her running mate.

Schweizer tells Breitbart News that while the campaign may be trying to convince voters that the duo is out of the public eye due to COVID restrictions, some believe it may be due to Biden’s health.

“I think a lot of observers believe that it has more to do with the health of Joe Biden, [and] the fact that he’s highly vulnerable, but also there are questions about his performance when he does do speeches,” he said.

But Biden has been touting his veep selection as capable of taking over the role of the presidency on day one, and it would likely help Democrat voters to know that somebody with some level of awareness is in the White House.

Schweizer’s other theory is a little more understandable – radical socialists are not popular with the American people.

“She’s not terribly popular, [and] she doesn’t poll well,” he observed. “Recall when she dropped out [before] the presidential primary in her own state of California. She was polling something like eight percent.”

Breitbart reports:

Harris’s political positions undermine Biden’s decades of positioning as a “moderate” Democrat, Schweizer explained, further necessitating the Biden team’s lessening of Harris’s role in the Democrats’ presidential campaign.

Biden had hoped to energize black support by picking Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate, but not all black voters are convinced.

Black Philadelphia Pastor Carl Day said Harris’ nomination “definitely looks like pandering as usual.”

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Too Radical

While Biden doesn’t think he looks like a “radical socialist,” Kamala certainly does look like one.

“Along comes Kamala Harris [with] a voting record to the left of Bernie Sanders — particularly when it comes to issues that are front and center right now, [such as] race relations, the police, and issues like reparations,” Schweizer explains.

This past weekend, she called for reimagining police, a dog whistle to the radical left that her running mate is on board with the ‘defund police’ agenda.

Harris supports late-term abortions, voting against bills to protect the lives of babies that survive the procedure and to ban abortion after 20 weeks.

She supports reparations for slavery, something a poll conducted in 2016 showed is opposed by nearly seven in 10 Americans.

There is little doubt that Biden and Kamala Harris would usher socialism into our country with open arms.

“Part of my theory is that they’re keeping [Harris] off the campaign trail because they don’t want her out there saying the kinds of things that she has said in the past, because it will scare a lot of moderate voters,” added Schweizer.

The American people will reject her extreme policies and platforms. Even Democrat voters themselves rejected her, as evidenced by her poor performance in the primaries.

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